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A simple love poem, which is not as lyrically dense as I usually write, but maybe its simplicity will inspire those who are in the dawn of a new love…. Dawn Love warms like the sun rising in the horizon, dispelling the cold mists of fear & doubt; the darkness of loneliness flees in the … Continue reading

Starlight Wish

Another erotic poem.  This one, I was inspired by the rhyme that people say when they are wishing on a star …. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going to come out when I started writing – but I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Star Light Wish Star light Star bright / First Star … Continue reading


This poem is one of my erotic ones – so if you are easily offended, walk away now. I was editing a short story for a friend and added a whole erotic paragraph, and afterward didn’t feel ‘fulfilled’ – as though I still had more to say on the scene… so I wrote it here. … Continue reading


I wrote this piece after I was too scared to go up to this girl and ask for a dance ….I gave it to her afterward, though.  Interesting how you can find inspiration from things in your life, huh? For Kerie… Transfixed Stunning beauty arrests me – Stops me dead in my tracks. Transfixed, all … Continue reading


This poem has a twist at the end – I hope you follow through to the end. I wrote it in response to a personal experience I had.  I would tell you what it is, but it would spoil the surprise! You should figure it out by the end of the poem.  Enjoy! Luscious  … … Continue reading

Love Is….

This poem was written in response to a situation where a potential love interest of a friend of mine accused her of having romantic feelings for me because we love each other.  My friend was trying to get him to understand that our love is deep and strong – but then he accused us of … Continue reading


“Whispers” is one of my readers’ favourite pieces.  Every time it is read for the first time, most females gasp and gush about it.  It is a very romantic piece.  This second poem, “Candlelight”, is a sequel, as it were…. I wanted to try to write a piece with the same rhythm and feel of … Continue reading

Whispers of Poetry

Welcome to my new blog Poet: Whispers…  where I can release my inner poet and keep all my anthology together.  Later I may publish them, but for now, as I referenced in my About  page, I want to keep them away from being accidentally deleted or something by putting them up in the cloud (or on … Continue reading

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