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“Whispers” is one of my readers’ favourite pieces.  Every time it is read for the first time, most females gasp and gush about it.  It is a very romantic piece.  This second poem, “Candlelight”, is a sequel, as it were…. I wanted to try to write a piece with the same rhythm and feel of “Whispers”.  I hope I was successful!  Here goes…


I hold your hand softly and draw you close.

Your lips brush mine as your hug me; your touch

Is soft and light, like a whisper caressing

My ears.  I trace your face with my hands; too much

Emotion boils within me to express in words …

Come into the candlelight and let my hands talk.


Come into the candlelight, the sweet and flickering candlelight

The light with a personality as fiery as yours.

Come into the candlelight, the dim and sensual candlelight –

Come into the candlelight and let my hands talk.


We dance in the candlelight, to the beat of our hearts,

Dancing without a care in each other’s arms

Our movements are emphasized by the flickering, soft light;

Your eyes gleam in the dimness like exotic, jewelled charms.

As my feelings boil within me, I feel your body turn

And come into the candlelight; your touch will not be spurned….

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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