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This is a short poem, a little simpler than I’ve written in the past couple weeks.  The last poem “Conversation” was inspired, in part, by this poet I heard recite her pieces two weeks ago.  I was thinking about her regal presence, and the fact that she was called “Empress” by some of her friends … Continue reading


This is one of my favourite poems so far.  At a recent open mic session the poems got hot and heavy ….really erotic.  There was this poet there who really blew me away – I was so enamored by her piece and her very presence that I could barely type her email address into my … Continue reading

24 Kisses

This poem is dedicated to a friend, Charlene, who celebrated her 24th birthday recently.  I really DID try putting 24 kisses in the poem , but …. I left it open for the other kisses to be ‘off camera.’ 😉   24 Kisses Kiss … sliding slowly … smoothly gliding down From lips to cheek … Continue reading

Do It!

This poem was inspired by one of my best friends who is doing a self-improvement exercise of changing her mind in 30 days. She is reading a lot of books by people like John C. Maxwell and Steven Covey.  One of her Blackberry status messages was about her potential and using her creativity more.  I … Continue reading


This poem was written to honour all the people in my life who have inspired me to pursue my dreams.  I am eternally grateful for my friends who have stood with me as I have come through my dark valleys, my emotional pain and turmoil, my anguish as things that have been close to me … Continue reading

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