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24 Kisses

This poem is dedicated to a friend, Charlene, who celebrated her 24th birthday recently.  I really DID try putting 24 kisses in the poem , but …. I left it open for the other kisses to be ‘off camera.’ 😉  

24 Kisses

Kiss …

sliding slowly … smoothly gliding down

From lips to cheek to fingertips…..

Hovering seductively around your hips…

Kiss …

Warming skin with burning passion

Emotion boiling, latent fashion

Hidden attraction threatens surface cool

Barely managing to hold it together

Wanting desperately to pull you closer and


To feel the warmth of skin on skin

Arms wrapped tight around your soul,

Expressing emotions too strong to speak out loud

Lips locked in eternal bliss

Hearts beating in unison as temperatures rise

And sweating bodies shed fabric’s encumbrances

To feel the breeze of passing thought

As sensual desires overtake rational mind

As we…


My lips reach yours, and as they touch

Sparks fly upward, signalling much

Chemistry between us two

Pheremones that drive us wild

That transform us instantly from meek and mild

Into ones driven by our deepest desire

To have and hold and possess and own

And devour and release and pant and moan

That takes us over

As we


Our lips speak volumes without words

Of promises and oaths too sacred to break

Of wondering if the jewelled heart we hold

Can be protected from the pain of shattered dreams…

Much promise in each kiss

We kiss

To swear allegiance to each other alone

Two hearts entwined

One love combined

Eternal connection enshrined

As we kiss….

And then our lips part …

To start

All over



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