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This is one of my favourite poems so far.  At a recent open mic session the poems got hot and heavy ….really erotic.  There was this poet there who really blew me away – I was so enamored by her piece and her very presence that I could barely type her email address into my phone when I got a chance to speak to her later… I was shaking and my hands wouldn’t work right! *GRIN*  Anyway, I was inspired to reply to her poem with one of my own.  This one is written, in part, as a response to how hearing her speak made me feel…


As I speak, my words stimulate your mind –

Caressing each curve with nuances

Licking your thoughts’ ear lobes with sweet somethings

That make your body tingle

As my words mingle with your thoughts

To make your heartbeat tremble

With desire….

As I speak, my tongue glides slowly over mental hills

And valleys making you sing the hallelujah chorus as your emotions crescendo

As my words meet your mind in two-becoming one fashion

Let my words of passion kiss you gently as my thoughts make love to your mind

And let your body respond in kind

Even although what we’re saying is nothing overtly sexual

But intellectual

And as I speak your mind itself gets wet

Getting ready for the entry of even more intellectual imagery

To make your mind ovulate

And germinate

As my thoughts copulate with yours

And our conversation, now joined, starts in earnest and explores

The inner workings of each other’s psyche

As we each get to understand how the other thinks ….

Neither wanting any interruptions to jinx

The connection that we have started to build

As my mind is the one to be orally stimulated by your words.

As I speak, your mind shivers in anticipation

My thoughts meet yours and circle around

in a dance of withheld gratification

as my words tease your mind

as each word probes invasively

searching for the centre of your mind’s ecstasy …

And, reaching the centre of my discourse’s summary

My words stimulate your mind clitorally …

Let my words enter you slowly, each thrust of my voice

Penetrating to your innermost core

And, what’s more…

My voice gets hot as I hit your spot




And your mind cavorts in ecstasy ….

Being made love to as I drop my tone

To a bare whisper…. Especially

Since you know to give as well as you can take

And you respond in kind, my mistake

Was thinking that I had you all in my power –

But your words devour me

And your lips close over my mind’s shaft quite easily

And it is I who gurgle with delight

As your retort brings me to the brink and height

Of mental orgasm

I totter close to the chasm

Of overstimulated emotion –

The implosion of my cocksure reasoning

Brings us both to a blinding climax

As our conversation ends and backtracks

And we stare into each other’s eyes



About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


3 thoughts on “Conversation

  1. oh you know how to write it hot as well…licking earlobes and lubricating the mind…haha…nice…bet that was a fun open mic…


    Posted by brian miller | January 17, 2012, 6:50 PM
    • LOL Ooooh God yes *reminiscing* We were all hot in that open mic that night … the poor solitary standing fan had a hard time trying to cool the room! ROFL

      Thanks so much for the comments … always make me smile 🙂


      Posted by bajanpoet | January 17, 2012, 7:12 PM


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