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This is a short poem, a little simpler than I’ve written in the past couple weeks.  The last poem “Conversation” was inspired, in part, by this poet I heard recite her pieces two weeks ago.  I was thinking about her regal presence, and the fact that she was called “Empress” by some of her friends on her Facebook page, and I came up with this piece.  Enjoy!



Beautiful Black queen, regal Empress,

Your words inspire me, makes me want to impress

You, express the way my stomach flip-flops around you;

Your words make me shiver, I have to supress

My voice’s quiver, without success

As your presence overwhelms me!

Listening to your flow makes me go weak in the knees –

I’ve never had a feeling like this!


You stand tall, beautiful and proud;

Shapely: lovingly crafted by the Master Sculptor…

I dream of unleashing the lioness within

Releasing your wraps, wrapping my heart within your

Locs like a garment, writing my feelings on my soul like parchment…

Drinking in the essence of royalty

Your hands encircling mine transfers power, spoils me

For the touch of your energy

And no one else can consume me completely

By just a word, a glance, overwhelmingly

Sensual, yet carrying this amazing beauty

That stops me from speaking

As my heart seeks your eyes – meeting

An Empress in the flesh.

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


2 thoughts on “Empress

  1. i remember this well!


    Posted by KAtrina 'Itrina' Ifill | May 26, 2012, 12:33 AM

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