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Sorry for the unintended hiatus, my lovely followers!  I have not been idle,  I have been writing for a while; I just have not had the time to post.   This poem was recently written (try last night!) for a friend who has lost her mom.  I asked her how I could help – she … Continue reading

Mission Statement

All this week a couple friends and I are at a poetry workshop, where we are honing our craft with some awesome instruction. The essence of one of our exercises was as follows: You are an out of work muse who has inspired and architect and a car designer and now is going to inspire … Continue reading

Poetic Workshop Assignment

I have been going to a poetry workshop all this week, and I love the challenges that we’re presented with, even although they are so hard at times hehe  This is one of the assignments we have had. Here is one of them. Write a poem in the voice of a widow whose husband has … Continue reading

Shipwreck II

I was challenged by a friend that the first “Shipwreck” was too predictable – that she knew exactly what metaphors I was gonna use.  I decided to rewrite it, line by line, deepening the metaphors and the imagery.  So, this is the result. Which is better?  I will probably do it again, as I am sure there … Continue reading


I was given some news tonight that left me feeling furious.  I probably don’t need to spell it out once you have read the poem.  I just had to release this piece before going to bed.  It really probably should be kept private, but heck – this is my blog. Read if you feel like … Continue reading


I don’t only write about romance, love and sex.  This is a piece I wrote recently just pouring out my feelings …. it’s raw and unedited …. a first draft, if you will… but I am sure someone reading this will understand.  It is a simple poem, not as lyrically diverse as I usually write, … Continue reading

A Split Second

My friend Katherine Felix continues to challenge me to write. This time, she wanted to see a piece whose theme was overcoming adversity to make one stronger.  Close friends of mine know this story, and I was suddenly able to write this. Another friend CherBeautyGlam helped me edit it a bit, and this is the … Continue reading


I was inspired by being at TALK HARD – a spoken word/open mic/performance event put on by my buddies Adrian Greene and DJ Simmons.  I was just blown away at the talent we possess in Barbados (affectionately called ‘Bim’ by us Bajans) and, given my love affair with both poetry and jazz was just transported … Continue reading

Exquisite Beauty

I wrote this after I was chatting with a friend and I called her cute – she got mad! *grin* So I wrote this in response….   Exquisite Beauty You are not cute. You are exquisitely delicate Like fine expensive china. Your beauty sparkles off Your smile like the light Twinkling on diamonds, Hitting the … Continue reading

One Night Stand

I just had a flash of inspiration and wrote this.  I stole the first line off of my friend’s Black Berry Messenger status, and wrote this poem on a whim. It reminded a friend of mine about our festival season in my country of Barbados (Crop Over) – where a lot of people get into … Continue reading

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