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I was inspired by being at TALK HARD – a spoken word/open mic/performance event put on by my buddies Adrian Greene and DJ Simmons.  I was just blown away at the talent we possess in Barbados (affectionately called ‘Bim’ by us Bajans) and, given my love affair with both poetry and jazz was just transported to another realm when we poets were followed so ably without rehearsal by the talented Rawt Iron band…so I started this piece as I was led on my phone, and finished it up just over this weekend that has passed recently.  I am called ‘PassionPoet’ as I perform my pieces, because ‘BajanPoet’ is sorta redundant in Barbados, where 99% of the poets WILL be Bajans LOL  … and also because it hints at my favourite type of poem – the love/erotic poem.  The other reason I chose that moniker is clear in this piece – poetry is a passion for me; every time I was introduced to recite by either DJ or Adrian, they mentioned my passion and eagerness to perform.  So, enough chatter from me… enjoy my PASSION.


Passionate poetry pulses


Over heartbeat’s steady drumming;

Sharp intake of breath


Rapid fire lyrics

Barking Uzi style

From lips moving in regularity:

Ablaze with creativity,

Ignited with inspiration’s sparking,

Electric arcing from thought to thought

Between synapses,

Exploding from the axis of origin

To receptive auditory canals.

Passion is fashioned into ideas which,

When rationed into rhythm and flow

& beat and hiss,

they kiss the mind with inexplicable bliss…

A shiver that travels up the spine & back again

And makes your body quiver

With desire as you listen,

Making your body glisten

As sweat breaks, as goosebumps rise…

Poetry is my passion. As I recite, my

Voice infects you with my delight

at being able to release my insight

on themes that quicken and excite

the senses; my passion cuts out all pretenses

and gets to the heart of the matter –

one shot – no excessive gun splatter …

one hit that silences all the chatter

of those who think they know.

This is my pledge: to do my passion right

And may my passion released with all my might

Burn in your hearts and ears tonight

And plant a seed that will spring upright

And produce knowledge.


About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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