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I have worked hard on this piece.  The title is deliberately provocative, but I really am wanting to celebrate womanhood…. please come, sit, and get Naked…. Naked Release hair from abnormal snare. Untangle regal crown, let natural locks f-l-o-w down soft brown skin. Conscious daughter, flaunt your beauty, reveal your knowledge; flowing like the locks … Continue reading

Another OpenLink Night … and a New Poem: Rain

Last week was my first OpenLink night at dVerse Poetry Pub – and it was AWESOME.  The poems were fast and furious – and there were 141 different poems and blogs to read through…. I didn’t get a chance to go through all of them … but there were about 40 different people that clicked … Continue reading

Poetry Workshop Assignment – Eulogy

Yet another piece created at our poetry workshop. This exercise was to create our own eulogy.  I never shared it with anyone before, but I do think it describes my life quite adequately.  I was trying to create a consistent rhythm, as well.  Hope it works 🙂 And hope you enjoy. Eulogy Life lit by … Continue reading


Here’s a poem I wrote for a friend I met recently who is an artist – found there was an attraction to her smile and personality and I wanted to get to know her better.  I usually write ‘love’ poems – but this is an ‘interested’ poem.  I sent it to her and she loved … Continue reading

OpenLink Night

I’ve recently joined a poetry community Called the Poets’ Pub http://dversepoets.com/ and they have this cool idea where if you are a poet you can link on their site on Tuesday nights … I put up one of my pieces – “Phoenix” – for once not a love poem, but a poem of solidarity and support for … Continue reading

Poetry Workshop Assignment – This Door

Back when I was doing the poetry workshop, we were assigned the task of writing a poem around the personification of an inanimate object. We had to imagine ourselves as this object.  Below is the gist of the assignment Choose an object that you will become. What does the condensation of yourself into this object … Continue reading


This piece was inspired by a pretty racy conversation I had with a friend of mine over BBM.  Hope you enjoy it! Spelunking Black lacy form, red satin rose, Barely concealing hidden treasure; Slip softly under caressing folds… Invaded gently – Searching … Spring’s mouth tickles… Trickles… Caverns wrinkles beckon traveller slips into mound’s lips … Continue reading

Goblet II

After the poetry workshop that I mentioned in an earlier post, I have gone back and rewrote one of my old pieces – old as in a couple months…. I am pretty pleased with the results! Goblet Goblet raised to lips – Long, slow, sips From arousal’s chalice; Face buried in Fiery passion’s folds – … Continue reading

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