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I was challenged by my poetry workshop tutor to write a poem that was a running metaphor.  This is one of the pieces I wrote with that in mind. Pollination Rose budding blooming slipping open slowly releasing sweet scent intoxicating awaiting arrival proboscis entering feasting on nectar Also posted for D’Verse Poets Pub – OpenLinkNight.  Doors … Continue reading

Sleep’s Puzzle

This poem is my remembering a nice cuddle I had once, and also reminiscent of a friend’s poem. Cher’s poem, “I LOVE YOUR WAY”, can be read here.  And now, for my own installment, I give you Sleep’s Puzzle Arms pull you close Drawing living essence From your presence As chin finds comfortable seat In … Continue reading


This poem is written in response to the challenge by Poets United: Thursday Think Tank, where the photo prompt is “Windows.”   I was sorta in a sombre mood, so I present… Shattered Windows cracked Peeking through splintered pane Innocence hijacked in a power move Cat burgular Scaling heart’s wall Sash slipped slipping through Piercing … Continue reading

Poetry Workshop Assignment: Fifty Lines, One Sentence

Here is yet another one of my workshop pieces created at my first poetry workshop – as the title says, we had to write a fifty line piece that was one extended sentence.   Fifty lines: one sentence I sit Silently Against The wall Staring out At The Miracle Formed Within the womb Of Nature … Continue reading


The below piece was my response to a situation involving one of my friends and her son – they are of Rastafarian faith, but her son was refused entry to a private preschool because of his hair-style.  It has inflamed my circle of friends and has sent ripples through the nation, as newspapers took up … Continue reading

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