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This is a rewrite of my poem “Luscious: An Ode” that I have entered into our national arts competition NIFCA – the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts.  It has been entered into the Literary Arts (along with Goblet and Rain, also on this site) as well as the Performing Arts section as a spoken word piece.  I have received a silver award for this poem (and bronze for both Goblet and Rain), and have also gone to the finals in the Performing Arts competition. I am yet to be told if it has medalled or not, but I am confident that I did – I enjoyed myself immensely on stage 🙂  Enjoy the rewritten Luscious!




succulent curves

draw me in

come-hither stare

arousing fare on display

pink flesh



heady aromas awaken

addiction’s yearning


carefully approaching

forbidden corner

skirting temptation

fervent look behind

as if in shame

no matter

fight was lost

rustled paper

transaction’s over

I had her

curves caressed

naked flesh possessed

teeth nibbling


dribbling passion

teasing tongue

plunged deep within

tasting erupted juices

sauces run hot

making me holla

I took her hard

right there

didn’t care

didn’t  matter

orgasmic flutter


cheapside chatter

luscious curves

satisfied hunger

for the best

bajan ham-cutter.

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


27 thoughts on “Luscious

  1. whew hot write…very sensual…good luck ont he competition and you should record it as i would love to hear it spoken…


    Posted by brian miller | November 8, 2011, 10:04 PM
    • Thanks Brian … unfortunately I didn’t get a performance medal, though I think that the judges misinterpreted my interpretations of some of the lines as forgetting my lines (I tried to act out a sort of being ‘overcome’ by the ‘orgasmic flutter’ by asking for a little time to compose myself) but they did not see it that way.

      However, like my preamble said, I still got silver for it in the literary competition! 🙂

      And thanks for the inspiring words!


      Posted by bajanpoet | November 8, 2011, 10:55 PM
  2. Very sensual write indeed, this was great from start to finish, wonderfully done.


    Posted by Pat Hatt | November 9, 2011, 12:12 AM
  3. indeed luscious writing… i like the crisp words running down the page…congrats and best of luck ~


    Posted by Heaven | November 9, 2011, 2:21 AM
  4. Loved it….it made me HOLLA with laughter at the end to know that you were speaking of food. Food does have a way of doing that. Have you read my “I crave thee” ?


    Posted by ahhhpoetry | November 9, 2011, 2:57 AM
  5. ..very sensual indeed… i like the whole thing and the flow with such tenderness… wish you all the lucks you deserve..

    Good day!



    Posted by Window lad | November 9, 2011, 7:17 AM
  6. Edgy. Like the corresponding images of food and sensuality. Well done and good luck in the competitions.


    Posted by Adura Ojo | November 9, 2011, 12:18 PM
  7. a fabulous read. sensual and enjoyable


    Posted by Jess | November 9, 2011, 3:17 PM
  8. I had a feeling at the beginning it was going to go exactly where it went. Thank goodness, it’s almost time for lunch. It was a fun poem.


    Posted by Victoria | November 9, 2011, 7:52 PM
  9. oh la la…think i need to open a window and get some fresh air..smiles…would love to hear you read this and good luck on the competition


    Posted by claudia | November 9, 2011, 8:14 PM
  10. It is lovely… I enjoyed the sensual journey… Congratulations for getting the Silver…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya


    Posted by Shashi (@VerseEveryDay) | November 10, 2011, 4:15 AM
  11. steaming and wow.


    Posted by The Noiseless Cuckooclock | November 10, 2011, 3:48 PM
  12. so honest and courageous,

    well done.


    Posted by The Orange Tree | November 11, 2011, 10:03 PM
  13. Lovely write my friend, building to a perfect end in this steamy piece. Congrats on your nods! ~ Rose


    Posted by C Rose | November 12, 2011, 1:23 PM
  14. Enjoyed this as well =)


    Posted by Nekisha CD Lewis | December 2, 2011, 12:15 AM
  15. Never knew a ham-cutter could be so…*fans herself*…. Hot!


    Posted by TK Toppin | January 4, 2012, 3:53 PM


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