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My First Blog Award – Liebster Award

My new friend Lauren from LSCOTT POETRY (http://lscotthoughts.com/) nominated me for this award – totally unexpected and pleasing. Thanks Lauren!!!!!!!

Lebster Award - first blog award!

About this award: This is an award given to blogs that have less than 200 followers and deserve more recognition and encouragement.There are some guidelines that has to be followed while giving or receiving the Award.

*I probably cheated… I have no idea how many ppl follow these blogs…. they’re just my faves!*  Do I HAVE to only choose five????? WAAAAH

Here are the guidelines…

1.Thank the blogger who gave you the Award.
2.Pick 5 small blogs that are worth the honors.
3.Spread the words about liebster Awards
The bloggers I Nominate for this award are :
1.  http://ahhhpoetry.wordpress.com/  – One of my favourite blogs 🙂
2. http://sultrysoliloquy.wordpress.com/ – Her words are exquisite ….
3a. http://madamesweetcheeks.blogspot.com/ – I started on this blog and just couldn’t stop … just like ahhhpoetry 😉
3b. http://bittersweetverse.wordpress.com/ –  @erogenousmind’s second blog …  LOVE HER WORDS
 4. http://theworldpoetized.com/ – LOVE LOVE LOVE this Rose ❤  She’s so sweet 🙂
5. http://cher-insight.blogspot.com/ – My awesome friend Cher who’s found a voice that is all her own – and she’s Barbadian like I am too 🙂  Check her out ….

I follow these blogs (among others) because they are inspirational, creative and heartwarming.  They are also awesome and deserve praise and recognition.

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


One thought on “My First Blog Award – Liebster Award

  1. ❤ What a fabulous idea! I’m humbled and blessed you thought of me. Thank you, from the depths of my heart…


    Posted by Sultry Soliloquy | November 18, 2011, 9:42 PM

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