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This piece is another brain dump – I didn’t write anything specific for the Christmas season in spite of the myriad prompts across the Internet over the past week or so, but because I didn’t want to put up an old poem, I thought about those who, like myself, see Christmas cheer in a more … Continue reading

Birthday Kiss

Things have been a tad too serious around here.  Time to heat things up!  I wrote this in honour of someone’s birthday they celebrated recently – should I give it to them? *hehe*  You may need a fan for this one ….. Birthday Kiss Kiss so hot Makes skin flush red with desire Burning lips, … Continue reading


We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. –Dalai Lama Wilt (Gogyohka) Drooping stem weeps petals Shedding fragrance Fading lustre Mimosa not startled Longing anyway. Related articles Two Forms: Inspired (poetwhispers.wordpress.com) What Poetry Isn’t (brandinielsen.wordpress.com) Forms: Haiku/Senryu (anglachel27.wordpress.com) Purretry Corner: Kitteh Haikus (icanhascheezburger.com) Poetry Writing Prompt (thenightlypoem.com) Haiku with … Continue reading


This is a play on words (actually, it’s a gogyohka)  based on writing prompts at the Gooseberry Garden. (Choose from Snow, December, Winter, Vacations and Wilderness – these are the themes for the Third Poetry Picnic… check out the website for the entire prompt, I’m too lazy to type it out LOL) Enjoy…  December Wind … Continue reading


Wrote this sort of as a journal entry. I was feeling lonely and just had to get my feelings out on paper.  Nothing else, really. It’s a pretty nice poem, even though it was more a brain dump than an actual crafted piece.  Here is a little of my Heartache… Heartache I miss… I miss … Continue reading

Mental Missionary

I was having a wonderful conversation with a friend of mine last night on Facebook.  She mentioned that sex is more than the physical act and that engaging people on the level of the mind and intellect is much more satisfying.  This poem came out of that conversation.  Enjoy! Mental Missionary (For Riney) Literary lips … Continue reading

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