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The Journey

Have you ever taken a trip and enjoyed the journey as much as the actual destination?   You notice all the sights and sounds; you are fully alive as your senses are awakened to everything, you are ALIVE in the moment?  Well take this journey with me ….. The Journey want to kiss my way … Continue reading

True Beauty

I’ve been practicing my short poems for a little while, and I send a friend of mine a poem every morning – sort of like our wake up tradition. She calls the poems her Wordshine, as the daily words bring sunshine smiles to her face! She is going to be a part of a local … Continue reading

Flirt (Gogohka)

In the spirit of fun,  I tried another gogohka.  Hope it makes someone smile!  How many ladies can relate? Flirt Voyeur wind, peeking flirt Ruffles dress, lifting skirt Hands push down, lady blushes Naughty wind’s already rushing to do the same thing again! (Submitted to The Poetry Pantry )


I was going through a rough patch where I was feeling lonely and depressed.  As I usually do, I was trying to process my feelings through poetry.  This is my brain dump after introspection. Do enjoy…. Mirage Desert wailing in anguish, lashing out wind screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeching like angry toddler throwing tantrums, chucking clumps of sand about … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by a photo of one of my friends that I saw on Facebook. I was mesmerized by the artistic pose and told her I wanted to save the photo and write a piece off of it.  She gave me permission, and I wrote this …. Pursuit Forest holds breath. Her eyes … Continue reading


This is the second poem I wrote inspired by Christmas Jazz 2011.  If you are here for the first time, go here to read the first one.  I was so buzzed that I had to get all my scatting out … I think it was only after I got the outline of this piece down … Continue reading


This is one of two poems I wrote last year in December after going to an annual jazz concert that I try not to miss.  Jazz is my favourite genre of music, and any time I hear a saxophone I get all excited! Last year’s concert was awesome, as usual, and I was so buzzed … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by a conversation that two of my friends had after one cut her locks.  Sam had been growing her hair for about 5 years and felt that she wanted a change – she also commented that the locks were not the size that she wanted and I believe she will regrow … Continue reading

Alight (Haiku)

I’m back with another haiku … still trying out new forms and working them till I’m comfortable with them.  This one came from a friend’s conversation, where she likened love to a butterfly that alights on your shoulder – so delicate, but so close you can see it’s intricacies.  So, this is inspired by and … Continue reading

Versatile Blogger Award

Wow! I’ve been nominated for my second blog award – The Versatile Blogger award….. I want to thank God, my parents, my dog, my cat… LOL … Seriously, I want to thank Shiny of http://crowdedsolitude.wordpress.com/ for nominating me for this award.  When I read her nomination on her own blog I was totally blown away.  Thank you … Continue reading

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