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Those who know my in real life know that I receive and give affection through physical touch – especially hugs.  As I have battled my own emotional and relational losses over the past couple years, I have constantly said that I’m like a plant that is not receiving nourishment because I am not being held, … Continue reading

World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day. Now I know that this post is going up near the end of my work day and it should have gone up near the beginning of the day to give maximum exposure commemorating the day, but it was a hard day at work and I couldn’t  stop to try to … Continue reading


I was on Facebook and Twitter late last night and I came upon a story of a 17 year old African American young man, Trayvon Martin, who was walking  around in his neighbourhood and was shot by the head of his neighbourhood watch.  It sickened me because it is yet another case of senseless killing. … Continue reading

More Blog Awards

UPDATE – This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for a LONG time …. I just haven’t had the time to finish my list. I’ve been nominated for more awards since I started, so I’m going to update this now and get it over with LOL Thank you so much to every single one … Continue reading

Anointing (Extended)

I have promised to extend Anointing – make it more than a wordshine poem. This morning I sat at my computer after a dry spell of two to three weeks and started to write. As I tweeted today “Dear Twitter – my muse was out on sick leave with lyrical laryngitis – she is slowly … Continue reading

International Women’s Day – Repost (Naked)

Today is International Women’s Day – and I want to take this opportunity to give “big up a girl like Woman…” (DJ Simmons – “Woman”)  This poem is a repost of one of my favourite poems – Naked.  It was written to celebrate women, and it really represents how I feel about all the women … Continue reading


This flowed from my pen yesterday morning  –  it came straight out of inspiration from a friend’s BlackBerry Messenger status… Enjoy!  Anointing Anoint my lips with fiery kisses Baptize me in your oil flowing from the passion of our joining Immersed completely within gripping folds We rise and fall repeatedly until we call to the … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by some heart shattering news I got yesterday afternoon, as well as the photo prompt from Dverse Poetry Pub’s Poetics feature – Awareness of the Experience.  I have taken this shot – which, the artist says, is based in Barbados (where I’ve lived all my life) – and wrote a poem around … Continue reading


This poem was the response to a poetic challenge I found online sometime back – I can’t remember where, unfortunately, so I don’t have a copy of the picture  that prompted it: a shattered window.  However, I pulled out the poetic stops and came up with this … I’ve been posting sad / angry poems … Continue reading

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