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International Women’s Day – Repost (Naked)

Today is International Women’s Day – and I want to take this opportunity to give “big up a girl like Woman…” (DJ Simmons – “Woman”)  This poem is a repost of one of my favourite poems – Naked.  It was written to celebrate women, and it really represents how I feel about all the women I know – and all women world-wide! Be blessed – and may today be a celebration of WOMANHOOD!  I give you….

Release hair from abnormal snare.
Untangle regal crown, let natural locks f-l-o-w
down soft brown skin.
Conscious daughter, flauntyour beauty,
reveal your knowledge;
flowing like the locks knowingly
swaying down naked back.

Freedom existed
even as hair twisted around

growing roots,

extending shoots

symbolizing embracing Divinity.
Eyes flashing with purpose,
determined glare softens when calling loved ones near
I stare –
Falling into pools of infinity

Swell of lips speak volumes –

full blooming smile
beguiles partner, intoxicating

drawing in with thoughts of kisses, of
moonlight walks, and erotic wishes…

Lips, when puckered, cause men to be suckered
into believing they rule the world,
while Woman’s radiant beauty, unfurled
pulls the strings from behind the curtain.

Soft chocolate cheek
blushing as I bend, brushing with a kiss –
innocence hinted: freshly minted desire

glowing with vitality of organic radiance.

On curved breast rests

the nurturing of a nation,
suckling the next generation
on the education of themselves
as emperors
and empresses.
Impresses with the ability to stand
strong, back enduring long hardships –
protecting –
Deflecting the blows of societal whips,
Yet standing upright –

Burdens carried so ours are lightened –
I am awed by your strength.

As I hold you close,
the curve of your spine
fits naturally against my palm.

 You are the calm within my storm;
I feel my soul conform
to the contours of yours.
Your wide hips and your behind
remind me of sensuality…
rolling intimately
as you walk before me.
My eyes locked,
mesmerized by the movements
made by this woman’s stride
against the tide
of ignorance.

Each well-formed toe
balances perfectly on
multiple roles
moving without balancing poles:
Sister, Daughter, Lover, Friend –
how much deeper
does your strength extend?

Tracing hand around your navel,
thinking that scar says you’re able
To sustain life umbilical….
Womb:  the cocoon birthing life;
expanding again the human race
with a little one that may have your face…

I remember the middle passage of my sons.
From inner caverns contractions pushed
the lights of my world out,

afterbirth runs
And I cried

as I saw arms flailing wide






So stand naked, unashamed.
Strip off all vestiges of blame.
Drop your dress, impress
with your daring –
sight of your breasts leave me
You stand, I extend my hand,
and two become one –
joining …
in joyous celebration
Ignited conflagration
Passionate sensation
Of loving you.

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


25 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – Repost (Naked)

  1. Exceptional ❤


    Posted by TENESIA TERI~ANN | March 8, 2012, 4:18 PM
  2. Fantastic!!


    Posted by lmwills1 | March 8, 2012, 6:05 PM
  3. Lovely poem, thanks for sharing,


    Posted by eden baylee | March 8, 2012, 6:50 PM
  4. Thank you for sharing this with me!!! Hugs! ♥


    Posted by Kellie Elmore | March 8, 2012, 9:09 PM
  5. Beautiful ……… continue to celebrate and ‘function’ with women 🙂


    Posted by Linisa | March 9, 2012, 1:29 AM
  6. very nice man…gave you the RT as well….def think it is great to take time out to celebrate the women in our lives…where would we be without them…


    Posted by brian miller | March 9, 2012, 4:44 AM
  7. -smiles- You are such a sweetheart!


    Posted by Sultry Soliloquy | March 9, 2012, 4:48 AM
  8. Oh my, this is a work of written art! Bravo Bajan.


    Posted by Raivenne | March 9, 2012, 3:27 PM
    • Thx Rai ❤

      BTW – I haven't forgotten your award that you sent me – THANKS AGAIN… but I've been going through a rough emotional time and haven't been able to concentrate enough to put the post together – when you see it you will see why … I have taken an idea from your own page and I want to consolidate the blog awards I have received on a separate page. But I haven't had time to put everything together. I'll be around to catch up on the poems you have written *HUGS*


      Posted by bajanpoet | March 9, 2012, 3:38 PM
  9. lovely lovely words! you are such a great poet!
    which is why i nominated you!


    Posted by REBECCA DAWN | March 12, 2012, 2:47 AM
  10. You honor Her with such finesse and sincerity…thank you for this beauty ; )


    Posted by eurydiceleading | April 11, 2012, 6:51 PM


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