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Remember when you first fell in love? When the world was new and the colours were all bright? Remember how light you felt? Remember those feelings with this poem…. Nine I can’t feel the ground. Soaring high  – up close and personal with birds on the wing, cotton candy clouds – And love’s breath keeping … Continue reading

Sleeping Indigo

I was asked to be a part of an art show called Juvesence, where young teenagers in the art programme in secondary school have displayed their work. Myself and a couple other poets and artistes were invited to use some of the work as inspiration to create our own pieces. I was stunned at the … Continue reading

From The Heart

This poem was the precursor to HUG – I got permission to post it here from the person to whom it was dedicated. I wrote it after needing a hug – but I didn’t want to make it public before she gave permission. For all those who know what it means to feel secure in … Continue reading


Followed where my heart went today. It’s a simple piece – almost a wordshine 🙂 I think I will use “Wordshine” as the name of this form of poem – a simple free verse, designed to snapshot an attraction in a thought, bringing a smile to someone’s heart, like the sunshine smiles over the world … Continue reading


I’ve been sick recently, and therefore have not been in a position to write anything new this week. That being said, I stumbled onto this poem I wrote a while back … as my poetic friend Beth Winter of Eclipsing Winter says, “You gotta love the #adult hashtag!” Well, since I was drawn to her … Continue reading

I Spy

This is another wordshine poem (For those who are new to this blog, click here  and  here  to see where I explain this concept.)  It’s one of the longer ones; it was so simple, but very effective in garnering the smile I was seeking 🙂  Please enjoy this little wordplay, and may these words shine into … Continue reading

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