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Let Me / Let You

This is my first FB collab… it’s a collaboration between myself and Iris Flow, another one of my FB friends who has some awesome poetry in her FB notes.  I honestly thought I had this on my blog already …. how in heaven’s name did I not ……  Another thing… forgive the contractions in the … Continue reading

Ménage à Trois

This is a collaborative poem between myself, Ainsley “Mr. Erotica” Carter, and Carolyn “EmpressPoetry” Layne – two Barbadian poets who became friends on Facebook.  I was just minding my business yesterday when up suddenly a Facebook chat with the three of us popped up; Carolyn had this idea to collaborate on a poem and I … Continue reading

Tribute (Call to Action)

This poem is in response to the DVD “Cultures of Resistance” that I have watched a couple weeks ago. In the film, different artistes used their art to discuss atrocities in their lives – war, genocide, etc – and promote peace.  The website http://www.culturesofresistance.org has this on its “About Us” page: Worldwide, people from all … Continue reading

Good Morning!

Here is a wonderful little poem I wrote inspired by missing my baby …. It’s a small little piece, but I hope you guys enjoy it.  Also, I am submitting this poem to D’Verse Poetry Pub tonight. Come check it  out at 3:00 EST! Good Morning! Good morning, lover Turn over Let me kiss you Welcome you … Continue reading

Showing Worth

The last couple poems on this space have been some of the daily poems I send to my beloved… Here’s another one.  I send her an email always entitled “Morning, Beautiful!” and although I may not always write a poem, I do more often than not.  Here’s another one of these poems from that collection…. … Continue reading

Missing You

Thinking I will let you into my heart …. this is yet another simple love poem – my emotion was too raw to bring a whole lot of fancy styles to this piece.  Enjoy! Missing You My arms miss your arms, my lips miss your kiss, The tangle of limbs Pretzel-like with a hint of … Continue reading


Continuing the love poems – who’s ever been struck speechless? Speechless I love you. Feelings so overwhelming Struck dumb in the telling Voice stolen by emotion Lips just going through the motions I love you. Speech caught in my throat Can’t sing even the first note Coz love overwhelms thought And leaves me breathless. I … Continue reading


I’ve been away from the Internet and my blog for too long, for several different reasons… but I’m back! New internet connection and new passions!  Right now, though, I’ve come down with a bout of lovesickness….  maybe someone can relate? Lovesick I get drunk off your essence Your presence leaves me high Buzzed Floating on … Continue reading

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