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Originally posted on Seawoman's Caribbean Writing:
Bajan performance poet Robert Gibson aka Passionpoet Click HERE to see him perform “Improv” in Boston. Bajan poet Robert R. Gibson – known to me personally as “De Luuuv Man” (as a member of VOICES: Barbados Writers’ Collective)  and one of my writing protégés, but now familiarly called “PassionPoet or Passion, for…


I felt particularly inspired this morning! I give you… Dedication I dedicate this piece To the most beautiful woman in the world. This piece sings her praises Like a choir of angels sings around the Throne of Grace This piece swears loyalty Like a defendant swears to tell The truth, the whole truth and nothing … Continue reading

Tell Me…

Here is another short poem, put up for Open Link Night at DVerse Poets.  Hear your loved one whispering…. Tell Me… Tell me what you want. Let your voice caress me lovingly Stroking my mind to stiffness As you whisper your wishes deep into my soul. Let my ears be your canvas, Painting portraits of … Continue reading

Lovesick – Audio by BitterSweetVerse

One of my Dverse Poets Pub friends, BittersweetVerse, always tells me when she has read my poems aloud.  I told her I’d be honoured to have her read one of my poems.  I told her to go through my archive and choose one.  So, she chose LoveSick. I took ages to figure out how to … Continue reading

Strip You

Here’s another sexy poem for you … I’m living up to my stage name – “PASSION”!  Please enjoy this hot number.  You have been warned from early – last chance before you are aroused beyond all reason … I am not held responsible for what happens after you read this piece, though I would love … Continue reading

Love Puddle

I’ve been on a sexy tip for a little while and I decided to share another hot piece with my readers, who have not seen a new poem from me for a couple weeks. I’m sorry – I have no excuses…. please accept my humblest apologies …. and, oh, by the way #Adult *grin* (just … Continue reading

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