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Trying to find a poem to post for Dverse Open Link Night #81 I came upon this forgotten poem.  Hope you enjoy… Letters I want to write you flowery words; Want to serenade you with sentences So sweet that bees would be envious. Want to overpower you with the scent of rhymes That rivals the … Continue reading


This poem was inspired by listening to some pumping jazz – especially a musical conversation between a violin and a saxophone … Big ups to Naniki Jazz Safari for an awesome weekend!  For those who are not Barbadian – the title of this piece is a nod to the location for this particular day’s event … Continue reading


I was inspired this morning to write a new piece.  I hope you enjoy it! Conquest I want To not be the explorer, But the explored – To be the land Ravaged Blazing new trails into virgin territory; Seeking veiled treasure Hidden behind the unknown. Making sojourn as musky heat rises – Passion’s noon. Skin … Continue reading

Kiss Me…

I was musing and daydreaming yesterday, and came up with this…. Kiss Me Kiss me. Let our lips touch, Drawn together with the pull of magnets put close. Let our tongues wrestle, running like children playing hide and seek… U hide I seek Seek to catch a peek of pink as you play slipping away … Continue reading


Time for you to get tempted…. Temptation… Silky seductress caught my eye And winked, blowing me a kiss… Cherry lips puckered, she drew me in. My stare caressed her rounded curves Mental fingers reaching across the space between us Pink dress hugging Tempting me to touch – Oh, just once! I pulled back, I’m taken … Continue reading


Who has ever felt the pain of loneliness? This poem is being submitted to OpenLinkNight at Dverse, on now!  Enjoy…   Resurrection… Liquid love leaves trails down anguished face Heart wrenches in torturous pain Distance twists cold steel Souls’ sinews sever: Screaming. Hearts long for connection – Touch me! Longing to hold and be held, … Continue reading

2012 in review

Looking back on 2012 …. people always look back and reminisce over the year that has gone.  I decided to do the same for my blog. I grew as an artiste this year, and a writer.  Celebrate with me and see what I did for 2012! Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of … Continue reading

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