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“Call Me For Prayer…”

This poem is a brain dump that I have sat down on for a long time. The initial write was not complete – I think I was interrupted or stopped my flow midstream and never figured out how to finish the piece until today.  It is a poetic response to a well meaning friend who … Continue reading

Sun Salutation

My poem this morning is a departure from my normal free-flow style. Now, I am not versed in a lot of the theory of poetry beyond the basic definitions of stanza, line, rhyme and literary devices, so I would be hard pressed to explain the rhythm of this piece in terms of meter, feet and … Continue reading


I was inspired to write last night … one of my fans said she listened to my interview at Unmuted Ink (an online radio station – click here to listen to the show!) and her only disappointment was not hearing more sexy pieces.  As soon as she said that, I started writing.  Check this out… … Continue reading

Election Day

While today Barbadians exercise their constitutional right to vote for the government that will lead them into the next 5 year term, I decided to cast my vote with my heart and not my head.  I give you …. Election Day Today, we vote. We mark the ‘x’ next to the one We want to … Continue reading

Self Discovery

I’ve yet again found a poem hiding in my archives, a poem that I wrote a little while ago and after letting it rest for a while realized that it is good as it is for now. I like this piece – also easy to read aloud.  Enjoy this piece of Self Discovery I wish … Continue reading

Sweet Nothings

Found a fragment of a poem that I loved but had not publicized before today … enjoy this little romantic piece of poetry – find someone and whisper some… Sweet Nothings I can hear your voice in every line every word dances in my mind pirouetting phrases twhirl synapses Mind dances to pen’s beat rhythmic … Continue reading

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