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I was on a roll this morning with my daily poem… I must admit I am impressed how well it turned out How big is my love?  It is…. Immeasurable My love is immeasurable Like if I tried to count exactly how many grains of sand Were on Accra Beach at 1 in the morning … Continue reading


Some of the weirdest things inspire me.  It can be a photo, it can be a feeling.  It can even just be a word….   One of my fans endorsed my work recently on her blog.  In part, she said, “He is truly an amazing writer and you will be easily caught into his web … Continue reading

Originally posted on Passion's Pleasure:
One of my Dverse Poets Pub friends, BittersweetVerse, always tells me when she has read my poems aloud.  I told her I’d be honoured to have her read one of my poems.  I told her to go through my archive and choose one.  So, she chose LoveSick. I took…


I was inspired by the smile of one of my friends as she changed her profile pic on FB last week … I built a poem off the feelings driven by her pic.  Enjoy, and be made… Speechless…. You left me speechless: tongue tied. Voice fading into nothingness – the abyss left as I fell … Continue reading

Tree of Magashi

This is my first guest post on my blog Passion’s Pleasure!  I wanted to have this poem up on this site on Friday, as it was International Women’s Day. However, as the day before was World Book Day, I was downloading over 50 books to my Kindle, and my Gmail account was temporarily blocked; they … Continue reading

Proud Leo

This poem was written last year when I was deciding to embrace change in my life. I was redefining who I was and who I wanted to be, and I was at the time listening to my friend Ras Bash’s song “I AM LION” almost every day, sort of like a meditation for the day. … Continue reading

Love’s Resuscitation

Here’s another romantic poem, inspired by real life.   Love’s Resuscitation Love is my nourishment, feeding my soul till sated; it rolls onto its back, Burping pleasure. I feed on your love, guzzling like a man finding a cold beverage after a long day; Bottle to head, pouring all of your attention down throat parched … Continue reading

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