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I have posted this poem on my FB fan page recently, and decided to post it here as well for Open Link Night on dVerse Poetry Pub.  If you’ve already read it, pass it on.  This is one of the love poems I wrote for my sweetheart…. I love you, baby….


For I have always loved you.

Your spirit finds mine over the span of several lifetimes;
We join each other over and over again.
In every age I search until I find you,
And we become one.
Our love is the sweet chorus to our melody;
The repeating refrain that brings the rhapsody of Us to the fore.
It’s as though we’ve loved each other before –
But, of course, we have.

My love for you is deeper than infatuation.
It’s so deep, I have to believe in reincarnation,
‘Cause it’s too deep to only be dipped into one life;
It’s steeped into forever like strong tea left to simmer
In eternity’s crock-pot.

For I have always loved you.

My soul is whole after rejoining yours on this physical plane
In each age we search for each other,
Never tiring of the journey
Till, reunited again, we merge into one –
A glorious reunion:

“And man shall leave father and mother and cleave
unto his wife and the two shall become one Flesh..”

And, as we mesh into each other –
So close the casual observer couldn’t tell us apart –
I thank the Universe that I have found you.
Twin sparks light one Flame that will burn throughout our lifetime,
Until it’s time for your soul to again seek mine;
In another form, another space –
With different voice, with different face
But, our souls will be the same
And we will know when we see Us again.
We will continue thus until the end of time…

And then we will start anew.
Because, us two –
We’re truly inseparable.

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


4 thoughts on “Inseparable

  1. …and I fall –
    back into the trap of your words spun into beautiful poetry… You had me at line 1 “For I have always loved you.” And as I read the first half I felt every emotion. Its honestly beautiful, Robert x


    Posted by Nekisha C D Lewis | December 17, 2013, 6:11 PM


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