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Passion-poet reviewed

My book “EROTIC” has been reviewed quite favourably by my friend Giselle Marks. Read her review below!

Giselle Marks

My Review of Erotic by the Passion-Passion5poet Robert Gibson himself and friends.

Erotic does exactly what the poetry of Robert Gibson and his friends and collaborators describes. Writing poetry about the feelings and sensations encompassed in the very physical love between man and woman, Robert bares his soul to the world. There is nothing dirty or snigger-making about his exquisite verse, which is the product of a man who is totally in touch with his emotions.  Robert Gibson is a man unashamed of his love for a very special woman in his life. Erotic is modern day love poetry with no punches pulled, with the passion of love openly revealed. His poems show a man in love with words and woman.

From the bewitching pleasure of his gorgeous sensuality in “Invocation” to the heart-warming and very sweet “Missing you,” Robert shows the full depths of adoration that can co-exist…

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