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After my poem “Immeasurable“, I set myself a challenge to write similar poems in similar style – longer lines and a similar rhythmic pattern.  I also deliberately chose similar superlative words as titles, so I wrote “Inseparable” soon after. This is another one in that series; it’s quite short, in comparison to my usual length.  Enjoy!


My love for you is indescribable.

I am lost for words as I struggle to say what you mean to me;

Struck dumb as your beauty overpowers,

Like the potent scent of strong perfume filling my nostrils.

My tongue is caught on my feelings,

Stuck to the roof of my mouth in wonder;

Trying to articulate how much it means to me

To be loved so completely by one such as you.

I …am… speechless…

Which, for someone who lives in words’ stream, is a strange place to be.

I continually fail to be able to accurately paint your beauty with my pen,

For, although I try, over and over again, it really is impossible –

Your love is … indescribable.

Yet, although I know to be able to completely describe it is a lesson in futility,

I still gingerly attempt it; daily hoping against hope that one day it will be right –

That, one day, the sight of your beauty will make me fully be able to write

And I will finally be able to describe how powerfully your love affects me…

But – I know I will be writing from now till eternity ends,

Because our love is truly … indescribable.


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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


4 thoughts on “Indescribable

  1. So lovely, honest, earnest. Just beautiful.


    Posted by Raivenne | April 19, 2014, 7:39 AM


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