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Shy Goddess

I was inspired to write this piece after an inboxed pic peaked my interest – the body language of the nude model hinted at a bit of shyness … hands over breasts, legs crossed so vulva was in darkness… it was a great shot, but made me think … why so shy? let me see … Continue reading

An Interview with Passion Poet-Robert Gibson

Originally posted on annelizeslip's Blog:
I always had a love for Poetry which for me was a way of life – a sharing of our deepest desires and even our saddest moments in time. From a youngling up in to my adulthood, my love and fascination grew. Then about a year ago, I had…


I’m on a roll… definitely seeing the increase in creativity as my sexuality is being stimulated via sensual FB inbox messages and lovemaking with my Queen. Infinity I am Plugged in To You We two Form one Circuit We fit. As Yoni Joins Lingam Electricity Surges with Carnal urges Kundalini Rises Creativity Copulates Impregnates Full … Continue reading

Let Me Be Your Toy

#Adult #Erotic. Enough said.  Enjoy the piece. Let Me Be Your Toy Hey baby Come here… No, don’t be afraid… There’s nothing to fear Don’t stare in fright at My apparent frown Just put that piece of plastic down That’s not what you need It may give you temporary reprieve But can you conceive The … Continue reading

Sweet Treat

I’ve been accused of having a food fetish by those who know me well… Maybe! (Wicked grin!) Anyway, a good friend of mine inspired this piece … I know you will like it, as does she.  I love dessert… Sweet Treat Cream, whipped Spread on slit With aplomb Parted legs my dish Fulfilling your wish … Continue reading


Kundalini – sexual or creative energy that lays dormant until awakened…. this is a piece of poetry that may need a different title, but was inspired by one of the many online connections I have that spurs on my creative juices.  Please enjoy this new poem. Kundalini I Bow to the light in you Suckle … Continue reading

Celebration (Collab)

I wrote Celebration in honour of Anna B. Loved’s birthday… and when I showed it to her, I told her she could reply to it if she wished.  I just LOVE inspiring sexy verse like this…. enjoy the extended version of this awesome poem… ‘over and over again!’ CELEBRATION Passion: Let my words Trace Your … Continue reading


I was writing and realized today is the birthday of one of my FB friends  Anna B. Loved. I started to write in her honour … and this is the result.  Enjoy! (I shouldn’t have to tell you #Adult and #Erotic are in effect, right?) CELEBRATION Let my words Trace Your face With my desires … Continue reading


This poem was written as a personal challenge. I was being interviewed by Mz Jewcee and her producer Honey B about my book EROTIC. So I wanted to write a sexy piece in their honour. This is what I came up with. OUT TO LUNCH I just want to share my thoughts with you. Can … Continue reading

Seduce Me

This poem is another awesome collab between me and Lisa Lipps. We connect sooo well together; we link up poetically like a lock and its key. (I leave you to figure out which of us is which!) I wrote my verse on its own and gave it to Lisa just to say if she liked … Continue reading

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