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Shy Goddess

I was inspired to write this piece after an inboxed pic peaked my interest – the body language of the nude model hinted at a bit of shyness … hands over breasts, legs crossed so vulva was in darkness… it was a great shot, but made me think … why so shy? let me see …  🙂   So… this is the piece I wrote.

Shy Goddess
Why so shy, Goddess?
Coz I…
am already impressed…
You in repose like a
Regal Empress
My eyes drink your beauty
Like a thirsty man trudging the Sahara.
Go on… let me see…
Drop your arms, let your breasts free
To be caressed by my gaze,
Lovingly tracing nipples until they pebble;
Till gasps come in spasms
And shivers trickle down spine
As I suckle your skin, as though fine wine
Bursts spontaneously from each pore.
What’s more … your ink excites me…
Makes me want to carefully trace each pic with my tongue,
Trying to taste the stories each one has spun
While getting to know you
Inside and out.
Finger traces your hips
And slips seductively into weeping slit
As tongue travels slowly down to meet it,
Becoming intimately acquainted with stomach dip –
Navel – for the uninitiated.

Why so shy, Goddess?
Parted legs show forth your flower
Scent arouses, seeking to overpower
Reason …
‘tis the season to be devoured
And not to be timid
Your creamy skin makes me stiff and rigid
Getting ready to enter
Exploring the depths of pleasure’s center
But it has to wait its turn…
I have already started to churn inside
With finger and tongue on clit
Legs spread wide
As I enjoy you.
Your taste – Ah! Ambrosia of the Gods
Drips down chin as I keep plundering
To seek the last of divine nectar
Leaves me wondering if I could die
And be immediately transported
To eternal bliss
So that I could pleasure you
Rod slowly invades your intimacy
And we
Melt into each other
So … I ask again…
Why so shy, Goddess?

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


2 thoughts on “Shy Goddess

  1. This piece spoke to me because I too am body shy, and my man use to always ask why? A question I still can’t answer….


    Posted by Still Shy | August 29, 2014, 12:15 AM
    • I am glad you are here … Please know this is a safe space for you! I have not seen you, but know that I accept you just as you are – Western society has shown and projected a warped view of beauty … you do not have to be a stick to be beautiful, and even if u are chubby you are still adored and lusted after by several different people in the earth. Enjoy you!

      Answer back!


      Posted by PassionPoet | August 29, 2014, 10:15 AM

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