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I was challenged to write a poem about my “open relationship” status … this is what I came up with…. 



My love is insatiable….
That’s why I am unable to fit its description into a societal box that locks neatly,
Why people do a double take when I boldly declare my open status;
They disagree
Saying it’s unhealthy to love more than one person romantically….
Saying we are setting ourselves up for emotional calamity on the level of Hiroshima
But, in spite of naysayers, it works quite happily
My love is insatiable….
The love I have can’t be easily contained in one heart
That’s why open flirting has become a part of my Passion
It is by design, after a fashion…
What can I say … the allure of woman is strong;
And anyway … which situation is more wrong:
The one where one partner sneaks like a bandit to steal a little piece on the side
Or the one where peace resides … no one hides
And everyone involved is open to receive the love they deserve?
I know it throws hearers for a fast curve thinking it’s unnatural
But in fact, it’s historical
Some might even say Biblical… (Can anyone say Old Testament?)
I really wouldn’t even comment
Except it makes for an awesome statement on living as you see fit
I know all can’t handle it
But it works for us … I say boldly that
My love is unable to fit into societal constraints of monogamy
Passion is boldly declaring a preference for polygamy …
Or at least a challenge of the norm …
Open relating helps me to be a better me
And allows me to exist happily as I can express my love freely
And without judgement.


I am Passion


My love is insatiable…

Care to join me?



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