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Today I am finally releasing a poem I had kept marinating for a while because, after letting it stew in it’s own juices like a well seasoned piece of meat, it is now ready to serve. It was inspired by the voice of a beautiful friend of mine who sang a piece of a song and mesmerized me… And look! A short(ish) poem!



She sang … and I was stuck.
Time stood still as notes twirled freely in the silence.
Eternity paused in an instant;
Breath caught up in a moment of forevers.
All because joy sprouted wings
And flew into the ear with such grace
That all I could do is marvel at its magnificence.

She sang … and I grew long.
Lightning rod charged with bolt of power,
Begging for permission to connect to grounding earth – and discharge.
Let me be one to direct desire’s current
And energize the deepness of your chakras.
Let creativity surge as kundalini transfers
Let the power fall
And rise
And fall
And rise again
Mimicking the rhythm of our undulations.
Just let me into the inner sanctum of your Holy Temple
And let me worship
For angels once again tread the barren earth
And illuminate again with celestial song!

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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