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Changes – PassionPoet.com!

Originally posted on Passion's Pleasure:
? ? Thank you so much to every single follower who has come along with me for the last 4+ years on this blog.  Poetwhispers.wordpress.com started out as just an online repository of my poetry after losing my very early work to a botched file transfer.  It grew from…

EROTIC: Reviewed by Tameka Jarvis-George

My friend Tameka Jarvis-George has an awesome blog on WordPress BAK2MOI – http://bak2moi.wordpress.com.  I can’t remember what made me stumble onto her page, but I was HOOKED by the serialized story she was running at the time, “The Key.”  I started reading it somewhere in the middle then ran back to start from the beginning.  The … Continue reading

#SexySunday,…courtesy of Erotic….

Originally posted on Bak2moi's Blog:
As a writer, I find it extremely difficult and sometimes downright painful, when people close to me read certain pieces that I’ve written. I pour a lot of my soul into the content, so if in any way I deem it to be a little more personal and…


This is one of my favourite poems.  I love performing it on stage! You can SEE the audience cumming when I do this piece! Enjoy my … Invocation Open up for me Sweet pink petals peeking cheekily Lips curved in a smile Molten desire like beads of sweat Dripping down Between folds of skin Tracing … Continue reading

Make Love To Me

Make Love To Me Come – make love to me. Want to feel your kiss plumb Deeply into my soul… So passionately it makes knees weak, tongue numb can’t speak, breath spent; shiver went like lightning to lowest point AND highest peak short circuiting every nerve ending seeking release… no peace for the aroused… wanna hold … Continue reading


Posting another poem that was exclusive to my FB page – you can check out more of the notes HERE.  What’s your FETISH? FETISH You might think me fresh – maybe crazy But can you give me a peek? Want to see your panties – That sight stirs up my fantasies; Blue, or white or pink … Continue reading


This poem was written just as me following an inspired thought … but I think it came out pretty well!  And – GASP! – it’s SHORT! Ecstatic Moans float ethereal upon passion tinged air; Hanging, tangible – beautiful like sculpture, Or intricate like water colour masterpiece. Twinkling like crystal hit by the right light, Angled … Continue reading

First Interview – Valentine’s Day 2013

I thought I would take you all back to my first ever international interview – the one that started my online career as PassionPoet. One day in early January, I received an FB inbox message from this name that I didn’t know.  Jamie Bond had said she got in contact with me because she had … Continue reading

Free Audio Love Poem!

Has anybody ever caused your breath to catch in your throat? Their beauty is so stunning that you couldn’t find words – or even breath?  Has anyone ever left you SPEECHLESS? That’s happened to me a couple times – and, as a lover of words, I must say that’s hard to do – I ALWAYS … Continue reading


Was playing with words and came (no pun intended) on this poem.  Taken from my Facebook PassionPoet page. COME You bid me come … and I do. I fall into your big beautiful eyes And long to feel the smoothness of your skin under probing fingers.   I feel the fire of my Passion rising … Continue reading

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