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When I Kiss You (Collab)

When two people connect as artists, time and space don’t matter.  I met Jana Hannah on Facebook and we started to click almost immediately, even though she is in the States and I am in Barbados. We started to write this poem together but family emergencies pulled her away for a couple months – until this weekend.  We went back and forth, alternating stanzas until we were through. This is our first collaboration, but I’m sure it will not be our last!



WHEN I KISS YOU  by PassionPoet and Jana Hannah

When I kiss you …
Pleasure melts sinuously from my toes into my thighs,
Two Golden snakes meeting in the center;
A white-hot circle,
A halo of flames.

When I kiss you…
Your desire singes my flesh with Passion’s heat;
You brand me as yours.
Lipstick stains sear stiffened rod,
My lust consumes me;
Consummated craving,
Positioned for entry,
But I pull back
And trace sensual sonnets
Across quivering flesh.

When I kiss you…
A fiery-sweet fountain flows up my spine
Like a volcano of longing
Taking centuries to journey.
I feel you press forward
Into the ocean,
Lava meeting the waves.
Creating an island of paradise.
Where every pleasure is known
And explored.

When I kiss you…
Light enters sacred space.
Illuminating ideas as minds
And bodies merge.
I press into your river,
Attempting to ford the swelling tide,
Rising and falling with lovers’ ebb;
Anticipation builds,
Towards explosive crescendo.
Fireworks detonate
Shared sky lights up.

When I kiss you…
All earth stands still
Yet spins crazily upon its axis
Breaths exchange as pleasure builds
And universes collapse
And are reborn
For each second of the meeting
Of our lips.

When I kiss you …
We are shooting stars
Spooning sleepily in a pool of silver, molten bliss
Loving infinity.

Loves Rescuscitation

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