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Cover Reveal: Seduction

Here are  the covers reveals (yes, I said covers – i.e. more than one…) for my next book SEDUCTION.

Seduction Cover_Outside


This is the front of the book … the teaser … What do you think, ladies? Do you think you can resist being seduced by these smoky eyes and dreamy stare?  It’s actually a double cover edition of the newest erotic anthology to hit the stores.  What does that mean? It means that once you lift the front flap you get the reveal of the heat that is SEDUCTION …

Seduction Cover_Inside


I can see panties spontaneously combusting at this – and it’s only the cover!  What will happen when you drop your eyes onto the sizzling heat that is the content within this book?  With names like DOUBLE PENETRATION, ROLEPLAYIN’, FETISH, among others, this companion to the highly charged, yet simply named, “EROTIC” is bound to get you so hot that you will need to lay naked in the sun to cool off!

Thanks so much to the team of awesome designers and professionals who collaborated to get these covers done.  Marc-Lee of GADAL Model Management, Cover Design by IDEA MANIFEST, photography by James Clarke of PinPoint Photography.  Please check them out!

WHO IS READY TO BE SEDUCED?  Stay Tune for more information ….



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