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I Wish Magic For You

My Queen’s birthday was December 6th and, although she, “didn’t want to celebrate” her birthday, I wrote her a poem anyway (and surprised her with flowers and a cake and her favourite wine … but that’s for another time.)  I decided to chronicle her special day with this poem. Please enjoy!


I Wish Magic For You

I wish magic for you
Waving hands to materialize intentions
Making mention of the things needed
Things merely wanted
Things desired to bring joy to life’s journey…

I wish magic for you
The same way your smile makes my worries disappear
The way your presence materializes peace
The way your touch is the spell that
Brings my consciousness to attention
And brings stiffness to otherwise flaccid desires

I wish magic for you

I wish that your world will burst with joy
That when your thoughts light on me
They would make your smile grow wide
As automatically as the doors that swing open
When feet trigger hidden sensors…
My love is not censored
I wish our lovemaking would abracadabra loudly
Making Passion palpable where emptiness was previously

I wish magic for you.

And as this day heralds the beginning of a new year
Celebrating another return of the sun in your honour
Know that I may not be a genie
May not have a magic lamp
May not be Aladdin
But you are my Princess
And I am seeking a castle to put you in
Everything I do is to make your wishes come true

Coz see, my sweet, darling Felie …

I wish magic for you!

Happy Birthday…

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