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erotic poem, SEDUCTION Anthology, sensual poem


Was playing with words and came (no pun intended) on this poem.  Taken from my Facebook PassionPoet page.



You bid me come … and I do.

I fall into your big beautiful eyes

And long to feel the

smoothness of your skin under

probing fingers.


I feel the fire of my Passion rising

as I plunge my tongue deep

into the recesses of your mouth

And taste your desire as we kiss.


I will not miss this chance.


One glance at your beauty and all control is lost;

I must come to you at any cost –

Hands gripping as I start climbing twin peaks

Letting flesh speak as I tweak their summits.

They pebble under my attention

Resistance plummets – and I keep falling

I hear your need calling –

You start to moan as tongue goes lower

Teasing apart each petal on your flower

Seeking sweetness of hidden nectar


And …


And as it starts to flow

I know I’ve found my ambrosia

For you … you taste heavenly

And I’d climb Mt Olympus daily

To sample your sugar eternally


But now …  now, I’m ready…

I enter you oh so slowly


With bodies kissing in bliss of heated touch

Skin on skin, we rock to the rhythm of us

Intimacy, started slowly increases friction’s frequency

Until synapses fire, screaming for release

And we climax together, simultaneously


You’ve bid me cum




we do.

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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