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First Interview – Valentine’s Day 2013

I thought I would take you all back to my first ever international interview – the one that started my online career as PassionPoet.

One day in early January, I received an FB inbox message from this name that I didn’t know.  Jamie Bond had said she got in contact with me because she had initially mixed up my name Robert Gibson, with another poet she knew, Robert Gibbons.  She had been trying to contact him to come onto her show, WKPJB Radio 103.9 The Indie Storm,  for an interview, but Facebook led her to my neck of the woods. After realizing her mistake, she still read the poems that I had on my Notes page – and was blown away.  She said to me later that her thought was, “I MUST get this guy on my show!”  So she contacted me.  I had never done BlogTalkRadio or any other interviews about my work, but I was excited!
Passion Promo 1

After reading my work, Jamie suggested having my interview on Valentine’s Day; most of my public work is either love poetry or erotic poetry.  She dubbed me the “King of Hearts” and created the posters for the show.  I had a whale of a time meeting her and her co-host Kelligraphy Pens and, by the time my interview was done, I had garnered a whole new set of fans.

So, if you are able – pull up a chair and listen to the interview, which I had downloaded for my records.  A couple of months ago, Kelligraphy Pens mentioned to me (as I had started frequenting their show every week for months after that!) that the show was the most downloaded show they had had in a while, having been downloaded over 300 times in a month!  WOW!

So – there it was … PassionPoet had just gone GLOBAL!

Passion Promo 2


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