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Posting another poem that was exclusive to my FB page – you can check out more of the notes HERE.  What’s your FETISH?


You might think me fresh – maybe crazy
But can you give me a peek?
Want to see your panties –
That sight stirs up my fantasies;
Blue, or white or pink … something lacy
Cut in a boyshort or barely
There thong…
I can’t go wrong…
The voyeur in me stirs whenever I see a flash of skin
A raised skirt, legs parted invitingly
Makes me go back to school:
Schoolboy clumsily drops a pencil
While he fumbles
Looks up and stumbles
The sight of heaven makes control crumble
Strip of pink winks back at him
And he’s hooked like a fish being reeled in…

Now, back to the present.

I want to slip my gaze under your skirt
For quick peeks, let my eyes flirt
With your pussy –
Satisfying my raging curiosity.
Want to know what you are wearing
Under that skirt – so short, it’s daring!
Want to see your panties slipping
From hips to floor
Exposing more and more of the treasure
Hidden under that lacy pleasure….

I want to kneel before your centre
Feeling wonder as I prepare to enter
With my tongue
I slip your panties down
And inhale deeply in meditation
Arousal’s incense raises excitation
Passion’s expectation
Is to blow your roof off with penetration
Want to ruffle your poised presentation
Of composure
Facilitating more exposure
So come, my beauty, let us start
Part those lovely legs
Let me see
The colour of your lacy panty…..

panty shot 2


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