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This is one of my favourite poems.  I love performing it on stage! You can SEE the audience cumming when I do this piece! Enjoy my …


Open up for me
Sweet pink petals peeking cheekily
Lips curved in a smile
Molten desire like beads of sweat
Dripping down
Between folds of skin
Tracing the path my fingers will be taking
Slipping softly within the waiting well
Dropping knuckles like nickels
Making wishes as you moan
Honing my skills I rub your walls
Your clit the genie’s magic lamp

I …
commence the invocation
Call forth the incantations
That signal the inclination
To bewitch you.

My three wishes:


To make your kitty purr with just my voice
Fuck you with my baritone
My words enter you with determination
Plucking at your composure
Making you ready
Phallus shaped phrases fill you up
Stretch your mind as though you were on top
And you, unbidden, spring a leak
As I seek to bring you to the brink
And … teasing
I slowly slip away….


To taste you
Tongue travels toward your treasure
It’s my pleasure to savour
The chocolate of your exterior
Before delving deep into pink centre
Seeking the flavor of hidden interior
Your deliciousness makes me that much braver
I press into you – your stream becomes a river
And I lap it up thirstily
Making me even more hungry
For you


To be in you
Ramrod straight
Standing at attention
My intention
Is to slip into you with
You are wet
And ready
Your voice unsteady
Like a surfer manoevering
On swelling surf
Breaking on the shore
As you whisper “give me more….”
And I comply
Sinking sword into sheath up to the hilt
We are intimately connected
No more disjointed
You and I
Flying towards the horizon
The sky is not our limitation
But our position of origin
And we can only go higher
As we move in unison
Climbing to the pinnacle of excitation
All starting from simple penetration
And ending with a climactic explosion
That scatters our combined essence
Far and wide.
Mesmerized confetti floating down
Resting gently upon sated ground.

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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