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Make Love To Me

Make Love To Me

Come – make love to me.
Want to feel your kiss plumb
Deeply into my soul…
So passionately
it makes knees weak,
tongue numb can’t speak,
breath spent; shiver went like lightning
to lowest point AND highest peak
short circuiting every nerve ending
seeking release…
no peace for the aroused…
wanna hold you close
Till hearts intertwine …
Till I am yours
And you are mine with
Genuine intimacy…
Until we find the ultimate connection –
We merge until our two becomes, on
Closer inspection, one complete whole:
Unique parts give multi-faceted reflection
As we cum together, completing orgiastic injection.
Wanna feel your skin, with feather touch
Say it all without much words
Every action heard while rising …
writhing between the junction of your thighs
with sighs of contentment as we fit
flat head’s bit to screw’s small slit…
then turn…
body yearns for more – screw tightened –
tensions heighten; motions increase
titan effort to keep total control….
Relax… unroll … and kiss…
Small actions releasing pent up bliss;
That send liquid heat right up my spine
As we recline upon each other’s desire
As we inspire each other to rise
To the occasion
Orgasmic sensation sought diligently
Like explorers scanning eagerly
For the exact spot excitedly marked
‘total ecstasy’….
Cum … make love to me….

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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