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EROTIC: Reviewed by Tameka Jarvis-George

My friend Tameka Jarvis-George has an awesome blog on WordPress BAK2MOI – http://bak2moi.wordpress.com.  I can’t remember what made me stumble onto her page, but I was HOOKED by the serialized story she was running at the time, “The Key.”  I started reading it somewhere in the middle then ran back to start from the beginning.  The fact that it was well written AND Caribbean based … and HOT …  caught me right away. I started following her words with the veracity of a professional stalker.

When I visited Antigua for the first time to meet the woman who was captivating me via Blackberry Messenger (who is now my wife!), I HAD to meet Tameka in person. We hugged and took pictures as though we were long lost relatives. She gifted me with her awesome novel UNEXPECTED – (which I didn’t expect… yes, I had to say it…); this book BLOWS ME AWAY. You HAVE to get it. And no, I’m not just saying it because she’s my friend … no, I’ll leave the gushing for another post – I’ll enjoy rereading it so I can review it here. But take my word for it… AWESOME book.

Anyway, when EROTIC came out, I HAD to return the favour and gift her a copy.  So guess what I got in my Google Hangouts today? A link to a review of EROTIC!  “Sexy Sunday… Courtesy Of Erotic” To say I am excited is an understatement!  She told me that she had to take her time and read it properly to give it a good review – which is evidenced by the fact that she says “I cannot tell you how many times I  sighed and said,..‘ok Robert,..later for this, I need to function’.”  

She has summarized her feelings on EROTIC quite well:

We all have our own ideas of what a our friends and acquaintances are like, and we tend not to visualize them in certain ways, namely sexual ways, because we just don’t. It would be kinda creepy. lol. So …..what does one do, when they have a friend by the name of Robert R Gibson, and he has the written equivalent of a sex tape?

She says that I wrote the equivalent of a sex-tape … Oh my word, that had me laughing my head off…

She goes on to set the stage for the best environment to enjoy reading EROTIC.

I recommend this book be read after a long days work, after you’ve taken a really long hot bath, and you are alone and need a moment by yourself. Have a glass of your favorite drink, and just let go of anything that doesn’t fall in line with a harmonious flow.

She further describes the book as ‘foreplay:’

There is absolutely no hold back in Robert Gibson. This is a man with no chill whatsoever. lolol Mr. Gibson gives you not a moment to relax with these pieces. They are all different but connected steps in foreplay, and when you string them all together, you end up with a very appropriately titled compilation.

Please, go and read her entire review here and leave a comment.  Check out her awesome blog BAK2MOI as well.  You may fall for her awesomeness – just as I did!

Thank you Tameka!



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