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“I know this is not a typical review, and coming from the space of a writer, I cannot review anything from a technical place,…I have to go off of the way the material makes me feel. The pieces inside live up to the title. There is absolutely no hold back in Robert Gibson. This is a man with no chill whatsoever. lolol Mr. Gibson gives you not a moment to relax with these pieces. They are all different but connected steps in foreplay, and when you string them all together, you end up with a very appropriately titled compilation.”
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Erotic Art

As a writer, I find it extremely difficult and sometimes downright painful, when people close to me read certain pieces that I’ve written. I pour a lot of my soul into the content, so if in any way I deem it to be a little more personal and journal entry like, I would rather them not read the material. I don’t know if it’s fear of judgement, or being embarrassed by them seeing me a certain way, but I prefer the praise or chastisement of perfect strangers. 🙂 Same thing also kind of goes, if I am reading material for someone I know or admire.

We all have our own ideas of what a our friends and acquaintances are like, and we tend not to visualize them in certain ways, namely sexual ways, because we just don’t. It would be kinda creepy. lol. So …..what does one do, when they…

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