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A moment in time encapsulated in verse…  Enjoy! TOUCH Sparks snap synapses Skin touches skin Fingers curl Tracing palm’s love lines As world drifts away….   And there …   There is only us.   No crowd No noise Music muted to a murmur.   Just us   Our hands linked Longing Desirous of delving … Continue reading

Erotic: One Book, Many Feelings

  For more information about EROTIC check out HERE!

Seduction: Some Books Will Tease…

Are you ready to be SEDUCED? For more information on SEDUCTION go HERE!


This poem is the title piece from my second body of work “Offering: A Collection Of Poems.”  This Kindle-only (for now) edition of my poetry is a small volume that is deliberately inexpensive – my goal is that you download it and then go on to purchase my other books Erotic and Seduction, which are … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Valentine’s Day

Seduction is LIVE!

(Or – “Look What Came In the Mail!) Check what came by UPS today: This is the physical proof copy of my latest book SEDUCTION, which is now available in Amazon’s Createspace.com and now at Amazon’s website.   WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Wordshine: Valentine’s Day Poem

Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  This reminds me of a poem that I wrote and posted here a couple years ago when I was courting a good friend of mine – I fell in love and wanted to be more than just friends. She had told me she wasn’t ready to date yet, but I … Continue reading

Love Quotes: Work Of Art

From the book Sedcution available now on Amazon

Love Quotes: Surprise

I Want To Fuck A Poet

I just realized that this poem is nearly a year old. It was posted first on my FB page (www.facebook.com/PassionPoet246) and I post it here to my site for the first time! I had this concept as a poetry idea for a while now but couldn’t figure out how to write it. I let it … Continue reading

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