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I Want To Fuck A Poet

I just realized that this poem is nearly a year old. It was posted first on my FB page (www.facebook.com/PassionPoet246) and I post it here to my site for the first time!

I had this concept as a poetry idea for a while now but couldn’t figure out how to write it. I let it sit in its own juices and marinate for a while, like I often do, and I suddenly woke up one morning at 4 o’clock and wrote my piece, “I WANT TO FUCK A POET.”  I wanted it to be a collab, and was deciding to give it to a friend of mine, when up comes a conversation with one of my newest but closest poetic partners, Lisa Lipps.  I showed her my piece as a way to get her off of some bad emotional stuff going on in her life and she jumped right on it and came back with hers.  I was like, “Ok, this is perfect.” So I am posting it here because – well, I LOVE IT!  




I want to fuck a poet

I want to suck stanzas
from your skin
Lick lyrics from lips
parted in desire
And taste tangy tankas
when I go down on you.
We might even write
a new haiku…


I want to fuck a poet

I want to feel
the beat as
Head meets breast
Rhythms ripple
from erect nipples
While tongue dances
Finding the perfect cadence
as it teases
And pleases

I want to fuck a poet

I want you
To spit spoken word
On my mic
So our night
Would be full of
Rhythm and flow:
We rock in rhythm
Until sonnets flow
from swaying hips
Then flip the script
As you flip your slit
Presenting your assonance
And I enter you from behind
Penetrating you with
My rigid rhymes…

I want to fuck a poet

I want onomatopoeic orgasms
Want ooohs and aaahs
And uh
A climax that’s coming
Climbing the scales in octaves
So strong that the waves
Become hyperbolic
Exaggerated sonics
That can be heard
For miles around…

Coz, see…

I want to fuck a poet!

Lisa Lipps:

I want to fuck a poet

I want his beautiful mouth to claim my nipples
Making me speak stanzas in a language only known to lovers.
I want the rhythms of his verses to make my body
Dance to the song only he can sing.

I want to fuck a poet

I want his stanzas to stand strong as he enters my lines
Demanding me to match his words with my expressions.
I want to explore the
Iambic pentameter of his God given rhythms
Matching my cadence to his
As we spiral ourselves into
Haikus of complete satisfaction.

I want to fuck a poet

Create limericks that can only be spoken
By the sounds our bodies make
As we entwine ourselves into moist pleasures
only imagined by the greatest lovers of all times.

I want to fuck a poet

Perform rhythmic verses that flow from my center
Drowning you in lines that satisfy your guilty pleasures.
I want to feel the thunderous climax to your story…
Leaving us satiated and limp in each other’s arms.

Yes… yesssss… yesssssssss…
That is why….

I want to fuck a poet….

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


2 thoughts on “I Want To Fuck A Poet

  1. Awesome poem, I want to fuck a poet…. I loved it! Thanks for your sharing.


    Posted by Kath . Scott | January 17, 2015, 10:31 PM

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