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Erotic Reviewed in BimRock Magazine

On the 1st of February, internationally recognized as both Black History Month AND the month of love, the third installment of BimROCK Magazine was launched. Kudos to Rachelle Gray and her Bimrock Magazine team for another successful magazine edition!

For those who follow Robert Gibson, the PassionPoet, there is a review of EROTIC in the Reviews section of the magazine. Reviewer Victoria Bristol says, in part, “If you are looking for a book to sexually indulge in by your lonesome, this is it; if you’re looking for a gift for the object of your affection, this is it; if you’re having trouble articulating the way your partner makes you feel during coitus, you won’t after diving into Erotic.”

Check out the magazine below by clicking the magazine title, and check out both Erotic: Robert R Gibson and his website http://www.PassionPoet.com/Books to find out more. EROTIC, and soon its sequel SEDUCTION, is available at Chattel House Books in Sky Mall in Barbados, as well as on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.


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