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Darkness Falls

Haven’t posted here in a couple weeks. I have been going through a tumultuous weekend, culminating in a very emotional conversation.  While mulling over how I felt about it, I had a moment of  literary processing. Those who know me know that my therapeutic poems are called ‘brain dumps’, as I’m just dumping out my thoughts … Continue reading

I Reach For You

I wrote this poem in honour of the lady who became the 600th like on my EROTIC: Robert Gibson FB page. Temple BE is a beautiful, African Queen that I recently had the pleasure of connecting online; I searched through her page and wrote this as I was washed over by her and her page’s … Continue reading

New book release-1st in Masqueraders Chocolate House series

Originally posted on The Things That Catch My Eye:
Today, I and six others are releasing the first in what could turn out to be a few, an anthology centered around Bath of the Georgian and Regency period. The Chocolate House All For Love Our Authors are noted and award winning storytellers in the genre…

Senseisha: Memoirs of The Caribbean Woman

This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for months, waiting for the perfect time for me to sit down and finish this review.  On the day after International Women’s Day, 2015, my Intuition nudged me gently: “It is time.” So, though the confession in this introduction belies the first line (“just” was last year … Continue reading

EROTIC: Audre Lorde and the Internal Sense of Satisfaction

Many times, when I have been interviewed about my books and my inspiration as a poet, people ask me why I focus on the erotic. I even remember that someone asked me why my first book has the title “EROTIC.”  It is true that I write and perform a lot of poems about sex, and … Continue reading

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