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Tempered Glass

Have you ever loved someone and wanted to tell someone else how much your loved one means to you? Like a new caretaker taking your child for daycare for the first time, or a doctor who is operating on your loved one? This poem is similar to that feeling – trying to articulate that feeling.  Enjoy, and tell me if you relate!

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Walk carefully – you have my heart.
You have the reason for my existence
Nestled within your arms, so don’t drop her.
You have the connection to my soul:
The yin to my yang, the exhale to my inhale,
The two halves that made one whole,
As though we were learning fractions all over again.
The fractures of my heart were healed by her touch,
Her laugh is my medicine; her smile, the balm
That makes all things new again.
So be careful with her,
Because, although strong, she can still shatter.
Tempered glass can still fracture under enough pressure,
And I can’t bear to see her crumble under the weight of disappointment.
So – walk slow – protect her.
Be the broad shoulder for her to lean on in my absence;
I entrust my heart to your oath of allegiance.
Treat her like the Queen of Sheba that she is:
The Ma’at that gives balance,
The Cleopatra that rules the River Nile,
For she is my Head of State, the monarchy of my society;
The one that surely claims the majority vote when elections come,
For all other contenders fall away and she does not even need to canvass,
But is ushered into office unopposed for another term.
So, walk carefully – you have my heart.
You have the reason for my existence
Nestled within your arms, so don’t drop her.

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