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Naked II

I named this NAKED II because it has similar themes to NAKED I – female empowerment.  At least, that’s what I got out of it. What did you get?

Naked II



And she stands erect.
Hands raised in worship, head tilted upward, drinking in the rain.
Liquid, chanting refrains fall from the heavens with torrential surety;
Bathing Chocolate skin entirely, basking in the falling words, soaking in their presence.
She, the poet, baptized anew:
Renewed with each syllable, empowered to create.
Proud breasts rise and fall as she ingests each heavenly scribe
Shouting “Freedom” as they sway in glorious abandon.
Phrases enter pores. Open wide to receive them all; then, receive more,
Till words saturate her, pour out of her, flow from her in power…
But for now, she stands erect
Yoni wet with seductive stanzas, birthing nations with words of affirmation
Building citizens with the power of the positive
Battling the negative with the pen, raised voices against the system
Created to capture and enslave young minds.
Arms bulging, muscles flexing as words curl like barbells,
Making her people strong enough to overthrow the powers that be holding them down.
And she still stands erect
Face set towards the heavens, drinking in the lyrical power from on High
Taking inside herself all the potent paragraphs needed to release the beast
Feasting upon all the weak-kneed pretenders to the Throne
She, filled with Divine Fire, releases poetic ire against those who would enslave her
And she stands erect, building her strength
Watch your step! A storm is brewing ….

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Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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