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The Kiss

I love collaborations; here’s another one with a beautiful poet – Rennetta Lewis.

The Kiss

(Collab: PassionPoet / Rennetta Lewis)

Kiss me.
Let the desires of my mouth tasting yours move from fantasy to physicality,
Let the touch of your lips on mine become my blessing, my reality;
I cannot live another day without your hands in mine.
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight
And let them bring you close; let my prayers be answered by your presence.
For I love you – there’s nothing else more needs be said –
I love you. I love the smile that hints before spreading like dawn across the shy morning sky;
Love the twinkling stars that light the cheekiness in your wink.
I love when you press your body onto me, teasing at the pleasing you have for me, soon – not yet;
Love the words that spill from you, making my heart sing as you bring knowledge.
For you are mine and I am yours…
Kiss me.
Let words fade to black in the enormity of silence infinitesimal light
Let us bask in the beauty of each other, where no words need be said.
I will not soil such a holy time with the errant word.
I will follow my heart – my soul reaches out for yours as I take you in my arms
So – no words, my love … just kiss me…

As I await the kisses, I think on what we used to be,
Close to friends but far from being enemies.
We were known as strangers in the eye of the world
Yet, in the universe we were labelled as
Two peas in a pod
The juicy apple in a flavored pie.
I love you more than this poetic piece
Would ever hold the stanzas to express,
When I hold you in my arms
Please be reassured, you are safe from the world’s harms.
Take away all my pain, my troubles
With just a shadow of your presence,
The scent of your while label perfume
And the richness of your breathtaking kiss.
My heart does its best
For it knows its part
You’ve captured my spirit
At a time when I didn’t know how to love myself.
I salute you. Let us bask in life’s short moments
As we journey together,
Searching, to embrace love.
Again, there are not many words..
Take me to your kingdom… Let me be yours
Just reach out and kiss me.

© Robert R. Gibson / Rennetta Lewis 2015

About PassionPoet

Wordsmith. Spoken word artist. I inhale words and exhale poetry.....


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