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Today’s Love Quote: My heart -a cup

My heart: a cup overflows you pour in beauty every time I see your smile Wordshine – 2012.01.26  


Anyone who knows my work knows I love to link spirituality and sexuality in my poetry.  Here’s another piece on that theme. MEDITATION I kneel at the entrance of the Temple, And breathe. Slowly: In….  Out…. In…. Out…. Incense filling nostrils with holy perfume Feeling Energy rise Body resonating to the frequency of you Vibrations … Continue reading

Today’s love quote — Your beauty

Your beauty arouses my muse sensuality excites pen’s muse my heart speeds up and I write verses flow out with all my might Wordshine -2012.01.24

It Started With A Drink (part 2)

Here’s part 2 to It Started With a Drink, my collab poem with C. Lynette Burks. To start reading Part 1, go here Remember, my verses are in normal text, hers are bolded and in italics. The image is an awesome painting by Ronald McDowell, called ‘Midnight Tango.’  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/moonlight-tango-ron-mcdowell.html IT STARTED WITH A DRINK …  (Part … Continue reading

It Started With a Drink… Part 1

This poem is a collaboration between myself and C. Lynette Burks – she had recently done an Author Spotlight on her blog about me (Read it here: Author Spotlight, June 10, 2015) and we got to chatting on Facebook.  We decided to do an erotic collab which started on Friday and went on between us … Continue reading


I haven’t been posting here in way too long. I’ve been posting on my FB pages (PassionPoet and Erotica Anthology) for a bit, so you can check those out to see some new things, especially in the Notes section on PassionPoet.  I have had a couple interviews and my 37th birthday has past this last … Continue reading

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