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It Started With a Drink… Part 1

This poem is a collaboration between myself and C. Lynette Burks – she had recently done an Author Spotlight on her blog about me (Read it here: Author Spotlight, June 10, 2015) and we got to chatting on Facebook.  We decided to do an erotic collab which started on Friday and went on between us for two days! Was finished on Sunday night!  When we were editing it and putting it together we were (and still are!) shocked at how long the document is in Word.  So… with that in mind, we’re breaking it up into two parts and letting you experience the night It Started With a Drink! Enjoy!

My verses are in normal text, hers are bolded and in italics. The image is an awesome painting by Ronald McDowell, called ‘Midnight Tango.’  In order to find out about the painting (and maybe buy it from him!) check out  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/moonlight-tango-ron-mcdowell.html

Moonlight Tango Ronald McDowell



I see you across the room, and I smile;
Your beauty captivates with the allure of delicacy.
I wonder, “Can I get you to unwrap your fear of the unknown?
Can I see the beauty hidden from view of the world? Can I get you to trust?”
My eyes seek yours and my heart skips two beats in a row.
What I thought was beauty was an understatement –
You captivate me with exquisite enchanting eyes that draw me close.
I send you a drink and a note:

“Come, lay with me.”

I look at the bartender, the drink and the note in front of me
I go back to see if our eyes will meet again
The internal debate: should I take this bait, should I make him wait?
I mean, it’s just one drink, I think we should chat a little bit.
From your genuine advances, to the passion I see burning in your eyes,
They’re causing flames to run through my body,
Even the moisture is starting to seep out;
But I won’t give in that easy, not before I know what lies within.
So I return you the favor, a drink and a note.

“Come, take it from me.”

So I saunter over, wearing confidence
Like a three piece suit and wing-tips, ever as dapper as you please;
Drink dangling untouched from careful fingers.
My gaze lingers on your face, then slowly caresses every curve.
“Voluptuous” my thought, “let’s play this game,
Let’s see how far this lady is willing to go…
I want to unravel her poise, release the beast that is so tightly reined in
Let her skin glow with the Passion of our lovemaking…”
Aloud I reply, “I’m here, pretty lady…

Are you ready to cum?”

My thoughts began running together
“Did he just ask me if I’m ready to cum
Aloud so everyone could hear?” I thought
From your head to your toes, I gave you a once over
Stopping only to examine what hid behind your pants
I imagined you were raging, loins filled with lust
Ready to burst through walls and take me down
You were confident to suggest as much, and approach me
So I’ll continue this game of chess we’re playing
“I’ve been waiting on you to make your move, all night.”

Oh I see the lady is up for my game
She may be the Queen, but I’m the gallant Knight
That will make her mine by the end of the night
Checkmating by default – no one will tap out
But strategy will be the rule throughout our exchange
As Knights do, I moved my hand
And touched her cheek
As the music changed

“Let’s dance.”

He countered my offer with one of his own
So we danced to the sounds of a slow jazz song
Like he paid the Dee-Jay to play it
We two stepped in a sensual pattern
Forgetting we were still in a public place
He pulled me closer to him
Leaning down, breathing into my neck.
I almost came undone, but I would not be outdone
I pulled his mouth to mine
As our lips and tongues began to dance to their own tunes.

I pulled her close as our kiss deepened;
Lengthened like my Passion hidden from view,
But felt, as my hardness grazed her entrance.
I nearly groaned, but I felt my resolve tighten
And I swirled her around with jazz infused promises …
All others faded into the background
Just her and I in the foreground of our foreplay
Nothing else mattered except tasting her lips
As our hips parted and met…
And parted and met…
And parted… and…


I’m loving this song….

The electricity between him and me has grown exponentially
If it weren’t for the light applause around us
I barely think we would have stopped dancing at all
He was a worthy opponent I decided
And I wanted to dance with him again
But I needed to feel his flesh touching my flesh
I wanted to be intertwined in his presence
Drunk off of his movements
But we had a game to finish, and I refused to fold first
“Thank you for that dance” I say as I head back to my seat
Leaving him where he stood.
Oh no, my lady, you can’t end this here
The power is not in your hands tonight
I might be a Knight, but under my shining armour
My Kingly attire hides

My locs are tossed
My eyes closed
And opened again


I see her twirl anger flashing – I’m guessing
She’s not used to being ordered around…

I continue, “I just wanted to continue
Discussing our love of dancing
And jazz
In private…”

I led the way to exit from that room and towards the front door
He grabbed a special collection
From his massive Jazz records and met with me
Gliding up the stairs to my tucked away hiding place
It felt like the door took forever to unlock,
But when it did —
Something took a hold of me
I had to give myself a pep talk to calm my nerves
The moon was out just right and when he played the music
The rhythm led me in a way I never imagined.

The music caught us and we were transported
Enraptured as we were captured by the riffs
Moving sensually in time to the groove
I was her sax, she was my guitar
We moved in the rhythm of our pulsing hearts
Grinding in the melodies of mutual desire

My hands gripped her ass as my kiss was resumed
I was consumed with the need to dance the night away
As Contrane wailed I sailed into bliss
My groan scatting across your skin
As my teeth graze your neck
Hinting at the dance that is to come…

“Have you ever made love
To the sounds of Miles Davis?”
I asked him with a glimmer in my eye
He replied he hadn’t, but he had him in his collection
I beckoned him to retrieve that tune
‘Night In Tunisia’ blaring does something to me
And tonight I was going to do something to him
If he let me.

“I’m intrigued,” I said, “Do with me as you wish.
My kiss was lingering, longing for her surprise
I pulled away, rifled through the tracks
Found the one that makes her wet
And put it in ….

“I like to dance naked,
Feel free to join me”
As I stepped out of my dress, revealing my bra and panties set
I gave him no time to respond.
I kept dancing and pretended it was miles and me
The horn blaring, placing me back in the early 40s.
The trumpet caused goosebumps to run down my spine
My hands roamed around my body, not paying attention
Forgetting I had company, I began to be my own company.

That black lace set made my blood boil
My breath hitched, I tried to remain cool
I wanted to be a part of this transformation
But felt that my intrusion would spoil the illusion
So – I stepped back, letting the moonlight catch her curves
I drank in her rapture – goddess swathed in black lace
And I, helpless, caught up in her spell…

I kept watching…

I turned around to face my embarrassment
Apologetically gazing into his eyes
Still surprised that he was fully dressed.
He awoke an awareness, that I had hidden,
I quickly searched for something to cover up my shame.
“No, don’t be ashamed, don’t cover up.”
My hands caught her hands as she reached for her dress
“I saw you uninhibited, unconstrained and free
And that makes me feel you in ways I can’t describe in words.
So… let me show you…”

I loved her vulnerable, naked soul,
Even though physically still clad in black lace
And I needed to share her nakedness.
And so I did the only thing I knew
I traced her face with my fingertips
I kissed away the tears shining behind wide eyes
I pulled her dress away from gripping nails
And plastered my desire upon her
Our bodies clung together
Air could not fit between us.

This wasn’t part of the game
Or how it was supposed to go
His scent was so intoxicating
I became inebriated from the lack of space between us
Flightless, airless, i was high off my emotions
And I could feel his eyes fixed upon me
My desire burning deep from within.
I embraced my own nakedness and decided to stand proud
Never had a man made love to me with his words and just looks
This was a new one in my book.

I kissed her.
I could no longer stand
Space between her lips and mine.
Time stood shock still as flesh touched
Ambience forgotten as we melted into that moment….
Fingers traced sweet lace
Hooked elastic and tugged
Even as she became my respirator,
Giving me life.

I released myself from our lip locking
Wanting to show him my appreciation
I slid down his body, to the floor I went
Unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants
Hoping he didn’t spur my advance
Taking a peek at the beast slightly still asleep
I’d soon show him what secrets lie wanton inside of me.

Beast aroused, my eyes flickered
As my pants lowered
Lust and desire beacons on my face
Showing the directions to the place
Where lasting memories are made…
Eyes locked, I stepped out of the fabric
As if my magic, my Passion started to rise….
Let’s see what she does with manhood’s stiffened prize …

I’ve always prided myself on being a no-hands type of girl
Because when it comes to my gift of giving, I don’t need none
From the tip of my tongue to the wet, tight channels of my mouth
An impressive showing I would show
I ran my tongue from tip, down the shaft, to the base of his manhood
Before I reanalyzed his size.
I would make him a perfect fit for me
Enveloping his size from the defined wide mouth
I tried to swallow him whole, and tickle his fancy
Sucking while flicking my tongue and squeezing him firmly
I need to make him squirm for me…

“Oh fuck,” I thought,
“This girl is good!”
I braced my back,
She inhaled my wood,
And I could not even find strength enough to moan…..
My Passion slid deeper
Did her throat squeeze my head that time?
What day is it?
Where am I?
Ohhhhhh Gawd ….

He’s twitching and fighting
The feelings inside of him
I know he’s ready to release
But I want him to struggle just a little more
So I’ll grasp it between my lips and tongue just a little softer
Bob my head just a little slower
Massage the sack that holds his seeds
Humming softly, a sexual lullaby
His hands grip my head…

I grip her head and slowly thrust.
My God! I’m fighting not to bust this nut
But she feels oh so good
Resolve slips like the control I can’t hold
And, with a moan,
My seed paints her throat. …

Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk……

She’s still sucking
I’m writhing
Can’t take any more ….

He’s fighting, I got him
He can’t take anymore, I can tell.
But I refuse to release until I’m sure I got it all
‘Til the last drop had been dropped
Until he loosens his grip
Until I hear him exhale.


Stay tuned to read Part 2 of this epic erotic tale in verse!


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