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It Started With A Drink (part 2)

Here’s part 2 to It Started With a Drink, my collab poem with C. Lynette Burks. To start reading Part 1, go here

Remember, my verses are in normal text, hers are bolded and in italics. The image is an awesome painting by Ronald McDowell, called ‘Midnight Tango.’  http://fineartamerica.com/featured/moonlight-tango-ron-mcdowell.html

Moonlight Tango Ronald McDowell


I almost slumped to the floor
I am spent, I can’t give any more
It’s now time to turn the tide
Time to taste this Goddess before we ride. …
I slide her panties to the floor
Her pussy glistening, wanting more.
I lay her down and spread her legs
And paused….
Her bare cunt winked at me. …
What a beautiful sight!
Exposed she moaned
But I was in no hurry
Until, finally,
I tasted the honey dribbling slowly
From her secret place ….

Oh damnnnnnn ….

I braced myself to be devoured
Ready for him to savor my sweet taste
My phat juicy pussy let him have his way with her
Responding to every flick of his tongue,
Purring as gripped my ass
As he dove into me, not missing a beat, not missing a spot
As he dove into me, his lips perched on my clit
I was the guitar that he plucked so gently
The rhythm in which he moved, I couldn’t help but to move my hips too

Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh baby

Settling in for my favorite treat
I lay between spread thighs
Smacking my lips upon juicy peach
Tongue introduced to clit
With a “How do you do?”
Hips moving in tandem
As I pluck out a sensual rhythm
Upon her guitar strings
I want to make her whimper
I want to make her sing …

My orgasm took no time at all
The quickest way to get me
Is lay ahold of this lovely feast
The treat, it’s a muffin
Blueberry yumminess
I splash him unknowingly before i squirt out again
I gasp and fight and moan and bite
And a blush takes hold of me
I feel like I had an out of body experience
Where I drifted up and just sat back and watched
I lost control of all my extremities
Cussing and fussing as I came again so easily.

Muffled deep in her muff
I mumble, “Yessssss!”
I am blessed to taste her heavenliness
I grip her hips to prevent her escape
Then devour again her sacred space.

Undulating in our own world
I give her climax after rolling climax
Waxing poetic as my lyrics slip from my tongue
And bringing ringing crescendos to the depths of her soul…

I look up. …

Are you ready?

I looked back at him
“Yes I’m ready. Just let me slip another CD in.”
I bided my time trying to catch my own breath
Aftershocks shook my body on the short walk to the radio
I love Jazz music, but
At the pace he was grooving
I needed a little R&B and I had my collection with me
A mixture of Stevie, the Isley’s… ah E, W, F
I was going to show him the “Reasons” I was nicknamed “Serpentine Fire”
A “Sun Goddess” that lived outside of his “Fantasy.”
And if he let me, I would ride him to a place he’s never been
Or would he be puttin’ it
On me?

Earth, Wind and Fire is in the air
I swear
I want to be her fantasy,
Right here, right now …
I want to hear her reasons for
the season of lust we share
Mmmmmm yessssss
I guide her wetness onto my stiffness
And …. pushhhhhh ….
Her warmth is filled up to the brim
We both gasp in unison
Our connection absolute

My hands on her hips
I feel the rhythm of the music
We move smoothly
Grooving together
Making our moans meet
In the middle…
Mirroring our mood
We kiss again
Bliss ….

Making love under moonlight
To the sweet sounds of soft music
Moaning on beat while the heat continues
To rise
He is filling me completely and he has me weak
My body wants to cry out his name
His name…
His name…
My focus is slowly fading as another orgasm begins to rage
I want to suppress this
I need this to last a little longer…


I feel her holding out
Holding back
So I pull out….
And again stick my tongue deep inside
Make her ride my face
To the horizons of pleasure
Seeking the treasures hidden behind resolve
And I hear her shrieks as I devour her…
Suck her soul from her centre….

Convulsion after convulsion
He pushed me over the edge
He took me from my original game plan
How could this be
I’m looking down at him
“Please hit it from the back”
And he’s got the tears freely flowing down my face
I haven’t felt this good in who knows how long
I can’t remember how I got to this point
Giving myself to a stranger so freely
But he’s enjoying me
And I him…

Flipping the script
I flipped that shit
“Your wish is my
Let her get on her knees
And with the greatest of ease
Slipped Passion past
The Pearly Gates
Into Paradise ….

Starting to stroke slow
We rocked to and fro
Building tempo
Until before you know
We were going at full tilt
My sword sheathed to the hilt
In willing, pulsating, dripping
Moaning, groaning, screaming

Sweating, panting, gripping
Tightening, shuttering, closely
Meeting each other peak for peak
Climax matching, swapping moans and groans
Deep penetrating, mind blowing
Booty smacking, hair pulling
Name crying, pillow biting…
Call it, it all happened like that
Until we came down from the clouds
And in his arms I was found

Grunting like animals
We shot to the sky
With the explosive power
Of mutual multiple
Bursting over and over
In myriad hues of
Kaleidoscopic fireworks
Lighting our shared sky
Repeatedly with each
Impassioned cry
Until, at last,
We float, feather-like
Back to earth….

Back to down to reality
To the sounds of heavy breathing
Trying to calm down
To the softness of bed sheets, strewn across the room
Clothes hanging from intricate places
And still my eyes trace his outline
And I go for a cup with ice in it…

The fridge releases
Cubed coldness
I sit up
Watching her go
And come
Wondering what happens
Next ….

“Just a drink of water!”
I laugh, I’m totally spent;
I hope he didn’t notice me wobbling a little bit,
Legs sore, pussy still soaking
But my desire has been satiated.

I wrap my arms around her
Enveloping her in protection
And bringing her back to bed
Where we curled
And drifted off again
From earth’s pull
This time,
In slumber.

© PassionPoet / C. Lynette 2015


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